Iphone app

  • Hi

    does anyone know when the iphone app for body for life will be available? Would help me so much as I like to record info directly on my phone.

  • Hello Honeymonster_UK!

    We have submitted the Body-for-LIFE app to Apple and it is currently pending their approval process.  We hope to have it launched to the App Store soon so stay tuned!

    -The Body-for-LIFE Team

  • Thanks for the reply, this will help me out a lot.

  • I have bee eagerly awaiting the app for some time now. I agree, it would help out a ton!!! Please keep us posted.

  • i got the full bfl training & bfl nutrition excel files off this very site & sent them to my ipad and saved them in office 2 hd.

    now i have 84 days worth of records to use right on my ipad. 7 days til i start my 1st bfl challenge.

    My success is your success.