Champions 2014 and Beyond - All Are Welcome Here :)

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  • Debs! What a beautiful place!  I can see why you've said that it's good for your soul!  

    You can have excuses. You can have results. You can't have both.

  • Hoping someone here has some wisdom for me.  I took my first day pics and weight...  After week two I had gained back all of the weight I lost week 1 (6 lbs) .  Pretty much quit for all of week 3.  Cuz, seriously!!  Got my head straight and got back on and caught back up.  Been doin everything I should,  but I haven't  taken new pics. I'm worried that if I don't see enough of a diff I'll quit again!  BF says there is a noticable diff, but isn't that what we pay them to say?  He met me half way.  He'd  look at them first and only let me see them if he thought I'd be happy.  If I dont get to see them!!!??

    You can have excuses. You can have results. You can't have both.

  • Still here! :)

    Not progressing as well as I would like, but staying with it!!! Eating clean is easy for me. It's moving enough after the daily exercise is over. I'm plunked down at a desk most of the day, trying to write like the wind...It's coming along, but gosh I wish it would come easier.

    Glad to see the activity on the thread and all of the success (and honesty in the setbacks...those will happen, too).

    We have strength in numbers!!! :)

  • Do I have him take the pics or do I wait till week 12?!

    You can have excuses. You can have results. You can't have both.

  • KZ- It seems like you might want to pass on taking the pics.  If you're scared you might not see what you want and quit it's better to stay away from them in my opinion.  It takes a lot of women about 8 weeks to really see changes.  I'd just take the compliment from the BF and roll on.  Try not to obsess over the scale either.  It's not nearly as good at telling you how well you're doing as the way your clothes fit.  


    KZLOVE - Kathy - I'm with Justin - it's NOT what you need now... remember - you commitment is to FINISH 12 WEEKS - that's what your focus should be - use the tape measure - this is the best way to see if you are making progress - if you look at my week 2 v week 4 pics on my accountability thread - the front hardly shows anything... the back a little, but the side is a different story - (rum and coke gut is receding).... BUT - I have lost 15.25 inches and only lost 3.3 pounds! If you do the work, it WILL WORK - you just gotta have faith and determination!

    Warning - Warning - not a pretty site AT ALL! Lol!

    And if you haven't already - read the "Ladies Success Document" - or print it out and read it when you can, I can email a PDF version if you prefer!



  • PUSH THE PACE - Mike... ouch! What a bummer....

    I guess you've made your decision to start over... although I'm with Legsy on this one....Nutrition is huge and there have been many champions that have lost 2 weeks in the middle of a challenge and become champs on here..  Not sure if you actually entered the competition or if that was your plan.. but if it wasn't - I would definitely dust myself off and keep going....  All the best buddy!

    ANDY! Lol! apologies for adding significantly to the number of "pages".... weekends are always pretty quiet around the forums, I remember this from last time I was on here too, the good thing about it is - you don't HAVE to read anything... I hate missing out on stuff though - that's just me lol!

    WOOOOOOOOP! On the 11 pounds - you'd be stacking on all kinds of muscle too with all the workouts and shovelling!


    NUTRITON!           NUTRITION!             NUTRITION!

    mate, c'mon.... get this under control NOW because if you keep doing it - when 12 weeks is up.... what do ya think is going to happen..... BLOW OUT!



  • LEGSY! Sweetener in your water! wow - would never have thunk that! Do it sista!

    J_GILMER - Justin - yep week 5 - here we go buddy! Yes, the "muscles remember" for sure... even for and woman, and an aging one at that - my muscles are solid as a rock underneath the blubber lol! Thanks for the encouragement - hoping to see much bigger improvement next time.. cheers!

    ER2014 - It takes a few weeks to get into the groove and work it out - even after a couple of challenges and a lay off - you forget things and need to re-read ....You are the opposite to most of us fatties - great to have someone with different challenges in the group - you will be our posterboy for any lurkers trying to add muscle to a slight frame! Have you got "The Champions Body For Life" book - the feature male - Mark Unger was one who put on weight (muscle rather) - he was "skinny fat", if you haven't - look at the champions on the site here for inspiration -  cheers!

    BFL - DANIELLE - ADMINISTRATORS - MYOPLEX YUK - THICK, GLUGGY !   Don't know how to get your attention.. sent you two messages - please read them if you see this.. thanks!

    Another beautiful day in the mount - time to do my UBWO and then mow all the lawns! Woooooooop! Just love an excuse to do something physical now!


  • Hey all, look at Dan's before and afters (wk1 to wk 11) - I had some fun copying and putting them side by side teehee! LOVE seeing pics like this! This is his thread - now I must go do UBWO!


  • Debs - Thanks for these posts, you give such inspiration to all of us.  It made me reflect on my own 9 week miracle back in 2000.  I had gone to the store because I was in need of some new clothes.  I chose some size 8 jeans and took them into the dressing room to see how they fit.  They were too BIG.  I went and got size 6 and they fit perfectly.  I was overwhelmed with joy and amazement.  I emailed the BFL support team to say...the fat was melting off and I had found my new body for life.  I was on top of the world.  How could I have lost all that joy for 13 years??  So when I finally got back to the right mindset on Jan 2013 that is the only program for me but never "finished" a challenge because I wasn't perfect...I declared I would finish in 2014.  I was never on the forum before and it truly has made a difference.  I read everyone's daily struggles and can relate.  I will continue and complete the 12 weeks, knowing I will need another 12 weeks, but excited to make progress and get back to that body and mental state I had in 2000.

  • Bf is positive I'll b happy w pics. All I see in the mirror is my bowling ball head and think about my dad telling me I look like my sister. With thumbs down.  And actually said YUCK! I'm working to show him I can be better.

    You can have excuses. You can have results. You can't have both.

  • I can now slide out of my skinny jeans w/o unbuttoning them and feel so much better than I used to before BFL!!!  Still scared to take pics...

    You can have excuses. You can have results. You can't have both.

  • Happy Monday! I must be doing something right because everything hurts, lol!  Hurts do good! Just don't make me laugh.

    Legs-I'll match your challenge and give up my afternoon coke zero. I love water and drink plenty but enjoy the afternoon lift/change of a coke zero. I know soda is awful and was thinking of dropping it anyway. Let's do this!

    KZ-hit it hard this week and take photos next week, JUST KEEP GOING! I agree with evveryone else, don't do anything to sabotage your challenge when you are fragile....JUST KEEP GOING!

    Deb- I've searched you up on FB with no luck. Feel free to friend me Tricia Fitzpatrick Johnson (anyone can) in Rock Springs, Wyoming. ( it might say SLC,UT as we just moved here. Yes, I am a bit of a night owl which makes those am workouts so tough!

    I spoke to Abbott today about the above post and they were super nice and helpful. Going to try my shakes with water instead of milk to see if it stops the gas. I also started a probiotic at the dr's suggestion and it seems to be helping. Sorry if that's TMI. ;)

    Called into work tonight, uggg. Oh well, I need the $$$ for all those new skinny clothes I'm going to need-LOL,!

    Have a good one! JUST KEEP GOING!!