Champions 2014 and Beyond - All Are Welcome Here :)

  • brownsuger01- You motivate me! If you can dream it you can become it! Have you thought about starting a vision board? I am starting one soon. Visualization is key to reaching your goals and dreams. I'm so happy to have you here with us. Are you all ready to tackle tomorrow...and the following 83 days? :D

  • Hi Fergic

    Yes I know what you mean, workout was great today.

    Just one meal left for me to go, have felt more hungry after my workout though.

  • Fergic--Please do! We have been keeping your seat warm until you got here. ;) How has Day 1 been for you so far? Did you hit your 10s and feel the euphoria? :D

  • runswithneedles- Posting here sounds great! That should help to keep us all in the same place and on the same page?

  • Janski- My last favorite foods hoorah was yesterday. From now on I will be enjoying the Eating for Life recipes on free day. Anything more is simply too much leniency for me and I would end up with my hand in a bag of cookies! lol I will call tomorrow and ask about the 2014 challenge packs and when they will be available. Have you done the online challenge registration yet? :D

  • JillC- How has today been for you? Have you been able to get in tons of water? :D

  • JeannieRice- Your attitude is amazing! I'm in the same boat with before pics and the husband taking them. I know that he loves me unconditionally and that does help. Still, I am ashamed of how broken I feel and he deserves a spouse that is fit and healthy. Onwards and upwards, right? I just keep telling myself to get through the before pics, that they don't take that long, and that there is only up and over to go from here. Oh yes, working out first thing in the AM will be key for me as well. It's far too easy to make excuses later or talk myself out of working out because I am sore and exhausted! lol "NIP the bud!" :D

  • Alright, Team Renegade! I am off to take photos and measurements, and then finish meal prep. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! WOOT!! UUGGHH, do I REALLY have to shave head to toe? haha ;)

  • Where is everyone from? It would be awesome to plan a meet-up after the challenge is complete. :D Much love to all of you. You are capable and strong. You are special and worthy. This is your time to shine and keep those self-promises! When we are operating at prime level, we open up space in our lives to help others and truly make a difference. :) HUGZ!

  • Jennifer - I started today as well since it works better with my schedule and I also like my free days on Saturdays.  Run4life - I like the roll call.  it would be great if we can keep it up.  I did official weigh in and measurements today.  Uugh!  Only can get better from here.  My arms are hurting from upper body this morning.  I'll be thinking of everyone when I am on my treadmill at 5am!


  • okay everybody .. I'm in too!!  I just took my before pics and I have my food all ready.  My schedule is about to get back into "normal" and I'll have no issues hitting the gym .. I did BFL back in 2008 and dropped about 30 lbs .. I looked and felt AWESOME and I kept going 'til I got pregnant w/ my 3rd and finally kiddo ... and so here I am .. 4 years later, ready to begin again .. it. is TIME!!  I'm ready.  


  • Hi!!! I am jumping in as well! I have done BFL previously and had amazing results, but never actually entered a contest *smacks head* This time I am doing the contest and everything. I am up higher than I have been since completing my first challenge and I HATE how my body feels! I'm gettin older and my body doesn't want to carry anything extra! So I remembered how amazing the BFL program worked for me... so here I am! I am starting tomorrow and a little nervous as this was not planned in advance, so I have to meal plan for the week.. tonight. Shopping will have to happen tomorrow. I have lots of veggies, fruit and some myoplex protein powder. I am a vegetarian and that usually tends to be a bit tricky for me. I really don't want to take pictures of my body, but I will and I will love my progress in approx 6 weeks! Super excited to get to know everyone!


  • WHEW! Before photos are out of the way now. Glad THAT is over! lol

  • OK group, T minus four hours and counting...

    Got my journal ready...

    took body measurements...hum, those numbers are interesting.

    Weighed in...hum, more interesting numbers.

    Took my before photos, don't recognize that guy ;-)

    Working on meals now, then a light cardio elliptical and then tomorrow it is on.

    Dan thanks for the encouragement. I know this will be great cause in the past it was great.

    Still, I have some butterflies in my stomach, like a six year old heading off for his first day of school.

    I cannot believe how many folks are now signed on here on this about energy...this will be amazing.

    I hear Mickey working on another roll call. I will post it up soon.

    Have fun tomorrow group!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • measurements done!  pictures done!  food planning done!  workouts planned and weights nailed down.  8 hours till gym time!  

    I am from Charlotte NC.  Any BFL'rs close?