Anyone starting the new years with a challenge? 1/6/14?

  • Congrats on your decision!  we have a really strong group that started on the 6th.  You are welcome to join in.  

  • I also started yesterday, 1/6. I have started Body for Life a few times before but never stuck with it the full 12 weeks.  I am going to this time.  I am at my heaviest, need to lose about 100 pounds.  Have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, depression and anxiety, low self esteem, feeling overwhelmed by my life, sleep apnea.  I'm 46 years old and have 6 children.  I need to do this!  

  • I am so out of shape although I have been doing cardio pretty regularly, low intensity long cardio.  After the upper body weights yesterday I have been so stiff in my shoulders, neck, etc that I have been having a constant headache and I feel exhausted!  Hopefully in a week or two I will be feeling stronger!

  • stick with it!  You will feel and be stronger!!!  Great job so far

  • I'm starting my challenge 1/13/14 and would like to follow this thread as well. I completed the challenge in 06 with amazing results. Hoping I can repeat. I would like to follow this thread as well. I need to lose about 20 lbs, gain muscle, and feel more energetic so I can keep up with my 10 year old son. What type of egg cooker are you talking about MK-WILDCHERRY

  • Weights day today... Got on really well, but my calfs are seriously complaining after Tuesday's session. I measured my weight at the start of this week and was surprised to find that I am lighter than I was in November, just before Christmas. I stopped weight training then, and the muscle all seems to have dissapeared. Never got through a Christmas break and came out the other side lighter in my life! Just as well my goal is strength.

    Also started new job this week, so up at 6am and home 12 hours later. With the training it leaves me pretty tired at the end. Will just have to tough it out. Hope everyone is settling into the routine. My one big change is having a shake before bed; very experimental!

  • Stick with it hj46. The shock of starting and the constant ache means you'll sleep well (on the plus side!)

  • One week in, today is my day off... It's all gone quiet n the forum! Everybody OK?