Anyone starting the new years with a challenge? 1/6/14?

  • Good morning BFL’rs!  My name is Andy.  I am going to start on January 6th 2014.  Do we have a group interested in starting the journey together and helping with the motivation? 

    This will be my second challenge.  I did one 2 years ago.  I am proud to say I completed the challenge!  I am back and know where I struggled before and look forward to a new transformation. 

    Who’s with me?!?!!

  • Good Morning!  I am starting my first BFL challenge on Jan/6/2014.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  In the past 12 years I have gained about 45 pound.  I want to loss that and get fit.

  • Hey Andy and BrownSugar, Congratulations on your decision to get started.This has the power to literally change your life. I'm at the end of week-3 and already am seeing results. Don't be discouraged if you don't see a ton of replies to this post. The forums a little quiet now, but rest-assured many will be starting with you and regardless of when you started we are all here to support each other.

  • Good morning!  I am 2 weeks away from my challenge.  Planning has begun.  I am working on my daily food list, I printed off my 12 weeks of workout logs.  

  • Hello - I am also beginning the challenge on January 6, 2014.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

  • I will be, Andy! It's been a while since I did BFL, but I have incorporated elements from the program into my routine. Looking forward to an official new challenge!

    It's never too late to become what you might have been. -George Eliot

    Gluten-free, Flexetarian, Eating Clean!

    Proud mom of boys, LEO wife, English teacher, fitness enthusiast - ready to get my challenge on!

  • Hi Andy, I've been planning to begin the challenge this Monday on the 30th.  Even though it's a week earlier than your start date, I'd still like to follow this thread for much-needed motivation!!!  Hope this is ok with everyone :-).   I've tried the challenge once before but didn't complete it unfortunately.  This time I'm determined to finish it and become a better role model for my babies!

  • Hi! Jlsnod99, I'm starting a challenge on the 30th as well. I opened a thread to that effect, but depending on the response i get, I may join this one, if that's ok. :)

  • Looking to get started myself and looking to try out one of this forums for support…Been one of those people who go for two or three weeks and then fall off…Been 13 years since college and 70+ lbs which is unbelievable as I type this!  Starting on Monday and sticking to it for 12 weeks…look forward to using this community as support as well…here's to everyone hitting their goal!

  • Heat fellow awesome starting (and returning) bflers :) I'm also starting up on January 6th! I would like to get hubs involved as well. Looking to lose 40 pounds and gain endurance. Sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!  Will check in as often as possible. Toodles and happy beginnings to all!

  • Hello Andy.....well i just took a plunge and set a date for the 1st of January before i read the forum.  It would be cool to stay in touch with a few who are in the same time frame. I'll be taking my pictures tomorrow. I did do a challenge that was informal back in 2000 and did VERY well. Now 13 years later i have blown out my spine and had major surgery medical retired from the NAVY and gained a lot of weight. I used to be 195-205. I'm scared to get on the scale because i believe i'm at something like 275-285. I still live with pain, i feel my health deteriorating and i need to take charge. I'm at a point where i feel like screaming or crying...not sure which. But if i'm gonna scream or cry i better do it at the gym or at least doing something to get my life back on track.

    So yes your damn right ......lets do it.

  • Me me me!! lol This week is for preparing and drawing out a plan of attack. :D

  • Good morning Team Jan 6!  We are looking like a strong bunch!  

    Welcome all the new BFL'rs and those back for a second round.  I am really excited about this journey!  This page and the group helped me stay focused and motivated.  We will all have bad days, weak days, days we will fall off the wagon, and days we want to give up.  We all need to help each other stay on track.  The important thing is we support each other and know tomorrow is a new day and we will hit it harder!  

    We are one week away!  Did everyone start food shopping?  Purging your house of temptations?  When I did this last time the nutrition was the hardest thing for me.  The 5AM workouts were nothing compared to the 8:30PM munchies!  I know where my area of focus will be this time around.  

    Has everyone been to the gym and know what weight you will be starting all your sets with?  Being prepared is a huge advantage.  Did everyone write down your goals?

    Sorry I talk a lot!  I am excited 7 days until your life will change!!!!!

  • Actually andy i thankfully have some weights in my house and a stationary bike. My real passion used to be running....wouldlike  get back into that again as well. I'm setting my initial weights tomorrow to see where I'm at.....its been years. Can't wait to get back on the horse (exercise horse that is lol). My biggest temptation will be my twice daily coffees (with creamers of course) maybe i can try to like black coffee again?

    My starting weight is 180 pounds and a size 15 clothes. My goal is 140 pounds and to stop being tired all the time!!!

    What about you?

  • Picking up a fresh journal today and lots of basics at Costco (chicken breasts, eggs, cottage cheese, hopefully yams, and apples. I'm also revamping the kitchen later to make food storage containers more accessible. I will be putting both egg cookers to the test over the coming weeks. Those things are golden! They cook the eggs to perfection without having to watch a pot or not getting the timing right. :D