Started Again With New Motivations

  • On Monday, I began my 12-week Body for Life Challenge. This is not my first trip down the BFL road. About five times over the last 10 years or so, I have completed the challenge. I achieved great results in each previous effort. My motivations, however, were different than they are today.

    In the beginning, and for many years, the goal was to lose extra weight and gain muscle, so that I would be more attractive to the opposite sex. That was a strong motivation and it worked. With a fit body and raised confidence, I had more luck with the ladies.

    Now 40, my life is different and so are my motivations. I am happily married with a beautiful 2-year old daughter and a baby boy on the way in May.

    I have been starting and stopping getting back on track for a few months. Then about three weeks ago, I had an unexpected health scare. While sitting at my computer, I got lightheaded, went to the floor at my wife’s feet, and for a shot time passed out.

    Fortunately, a battery of tests revealed that it was not a heart attack or a stroke. The momentary loss of consciousness was caused by a nasal infection combined with a sudden drop in blood pleasure.

    However, other tests revealed there are reasons for concern. Cholesterol (159- goal 130), blood sugar (5.7% - the lower end of pre-diabetes) and testosterone (335 –lower end of normal) testsall game back poor.

     A follow-up appointment has been set for December 13th. I do not wish to go on any medication and am hopeful I can solve these issues with diet exercise.

    Fortunately, I knew just the plan. So, I am taking a proactive approach before the appointment with hopes the doctor will give me 12-weeks to correct these problems on my own before putting me on anything.

    The bigger, more overriding motivation, is off course my desire to be healthy for a long time into the future. I have great life and a great family. I need to do everything I can to be around as long as possible to enjoy them and be there for them.

    Therefore, I begin again. This time, however, I am more motivated than I have ever been and I am looking forward to turning that motivation into the best results I have ever had. Perhaps, even be a champion! 

  • Best wishes this time around. I hope to see you as a champion!

  • How was your first week? I'm starting on Monday 12/09.

  • Thanks for  asking. The first week went extremely well! I hit all my workouts, drank a lot of water and ate six time per day. Bring on Week-2.

  • Awesome! Keep going :)

  • Good morning Dan,

    How are things going?  I am starting my second round next Monday and cant wait!  I am going to finish my 12 week challenge just before my 39th birthday and I have very similar motivation this second round.  Over all health and wellness.  I want to be in great shape by the time I hit 40 and I know where things are at it might take a third challenge to get me there.   Best of luck on your journey!  I will be following you just a month behind.