Starting Dec 2nd

  • Day 45: As I neared the end of lower body workout this morning I looked up at the clock and was a little shocked to discover it was about 20 minutes later than I thought it was. It didn't feel like I was taking an excessive amount of time between reps, but I must have been. I will need to be more focused on this in the future.

    Today, marked my second workout of incorporating dead lifts. I lowered the weight and still had a strong workout. The good news is I do not feel nearly as sore tonight as I did on Friday when I did them for the first time.

  • Day 46: I completed my cardio this morning, but it was not on-par with other recent cardio workouts. I woke up feeling a bit sore and my energy level was low and that carried over to the workout. Nevertheless, it was still a good day. I got my workout in and ate well. Hopefully, I will be able to attack my upper body workout in the morning.

  • Day 47: I was a little low on energy again today when I started my workout. As result it took longer than it should have, but I seemed to pick up steam as I went and finished strong.

    I have been consistently eating well. One thing I have noticed that on most nights I do not go back for a second helping. I think it helps knowing their is a sixth meal coming.

    It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of our 7th week. It seems like the calendar is really flying by now.

  • Day 48: Very late post for today because I just got in from Riverside after covering my first ever MMA event for the Masters Hall of Fame. It was extremely motivating to be around these athletes who are such extremely good shape. My last workout of the week a very strong cardio this morning. I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

  • Day 49: Today was very much an off day. I even enjoyed some baby back ribs from Chili's. But tomorrow, marks the start of week 8 and I can't wait to get up and get my workout in!  

  • Day 50: I just realized I forgot to post before going to bed. The first day of week-8 generally went well. However, my wife had the day off and that lead to me sleeping in. Ultimately, my workout was pushed until the afternoon. I was in a little bit of a bad mood until I got my workout in. I guess, there is still a fear of something happening that will get me sidetracked. After mo workout I took my 7-week progress pictures. Seeing the results, especially in my back, lifted my spirits.

  • Day 51: Another really good cardio today. My diner was a little off format tonight as I had to improvise a healthy way to eat at Chipotle. I think I pulled it off.

  • Day 52: My upper body workout went reasonably well this morning. However, I felt a little low on strength in the beginning, but again finished strong.

    After the workout, I spent over an hour in the dentist chair. After a year, I finally have a my new dental implant. Thank goodness it was in the rear of my mouth. Yet, the whole expensive ordeal is yet another reminder of the importance of eating healthy (and good oral care).

    This afternoon I noticed my outer left ankle is sore, almost like a sprain. Tomorrow is suppose to be a cardio day, but I may change it  to my lower body for scheduling reasons. Either way, I hope it feels better in the morning.

  • Day 53: To avoid a conflict I did my lower body workout this morning. This leaves me to cardio routines to end the week.

    Today, turned out to be a crazy day. I found out a mother of a friend of mine is missing. I have been working hard to get the word out through my media connections. Tomorrow, I will join in a search party. This will probably lead to several hours on my feet. Praying for the best.

  • Day 54: We had an additional unexpected scheduling conflict this morning, so my workout was moved to the afternoon. It was not my best cardio so far, but I did a little extra time and wrapped things up with a  good core routine. Tomorrow, will again be cardio because I did what was suppose to be today's workout yesterday. Honestly, I am looking forward and craving Sunday's off-day.

  • Day 55: Week eight came to end with one killer cardio workout, but it took some patience and persistence to get there. If felt like about five times I headed to the garage today to get my workout in and something came up that delayed. But I was very firm with myself and my wife that the workout would happen. Typically, I workout first thing in morning, but tonight was shortly before going to bed. I have now gotten all 48 of workouts in through the first eight weeks. Very much looking forward to tomorrow as a day off. Maybe we will be able to go out to breakfast.

  • Day 56: Today was a complete off day. Meals included waffles, pizza, a beer, and even a couple pieces of chocolate. Guess what --- I am totally okay with it. I enjoyed and I am looking forward to my morning upper body work out to kick off Week-9 tomorrow.

  • Day 57: With another four weeks gone, I switched my upper body workout back to what I did the first four weeks. The difference is I went up 10 lbs in the incline bench, lat pull down, standing curls, and standing triceps extension. Only the standing curls presented a little difficulty and my form was a little poor on a few reps during the last few sets. I am actually thinking of going up another 10 lbs in the bench and the incline pull downs.

    This week is once again a little quirky when it comes to out schedule. Therefor, I may once again do an adjustment by switching and doing a lower body tomorrow. I would then a cardio on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Day 58: My daughter woke up with a cough last light and I got up with her for a bit to calm her down and get back to sleep. Consequently, I slept in a little today. This pushed my cardio workout to late afternoon. Overall, I would rate today's performance a B. My wife gave me something to read while on the elliptical. I did my best to give 100 percent effort, but I have noticed that I can not seem to put out the same type of effort when I am reading. Regardless, I did a little extra time to burn a few more calories and completed the routine with some very solid core work.

  • Hey there Dan,

    BFLMike always used to say.. If you are reading during HIT you aint working hard enough! Do you normally use music? It's the only thing that gets me through the peaks and the last 2 minutes..