Starting Dec 2nd

  • Day 19: I have been exhausted all day. I had the worst night sleep last night since the early days after the birth of my daughter. I also feel like I am on the verge of becoming really sick. That’s the bad news. The good news is I still got up and got my workout in. Despite being very tired, I actually went up in weight a little. The workout, however, drained me of energy for the rest of the day. I am hopeful that I can get a good night sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow.

    With all that said, I am more proud of myself for working out on dads like today than I am on days where I kick but during my workout. It would have been very easy to skip today, but I stayed on  

    LivingLife, great job on the office party. The next week is going to be a tough one, but it looks like you good game plan for success. Don’t worry about how often you post on the board. I just find it the process a good to keep and journal and in the process be accountable.

  • Just finished my cardio workout for the day. It's starting to feel better during the workout not like i want to die. That's three straight weeks without missing a workout. My eating has been ok. This holiday with it's parties and the fact that everyone is offering candy at work is a major test. I am doing ok with it. I just keep saying progress not perfection to myself. Last weeks weigh in was quite a disappointment for me. I am about to weigh in again today wish me luck!

    I hope you are felling better @Dan the fact that you got your workout in is great. It is so easy to pack it in on days you are not feeling your best. Kuddos!

    Day off tomorrow and then CHRISTMAS WEEK. Anyone have a solid plan in place for that?

  • Day 20: A good night sleep did wonders for me. I really thought I was going to wake up with full blown case of the flu, but I felt nearly 100 percent this morning and was able to make my final Grinch appearance of the season.  I actually was able to sleep in a little, so I moved my cadiio to mid-morning after feeding my daughter and I breakfast. I noticed that I did have a little bit more energy working out with some food in my stomach. For fat loss, I still think it is best to workout first thing on an empty stomach.

    Tomorrow morning I plan to weigh in for the first time in a week. More curious than anything else. Regardless of what the scale says, I know my body is changing for the better.

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow being an off day, but I am contemplating getting another cardio workout. I just think Christmas is going to be a difficult BFL day. I'm thinking if I get a cardio in tomorrow, then do my regular lower body workout in on Monday and move Wednesday's upper body to Tuesday, I will still be on track come Thursday. I think we all need to give all selves a little (not too much) slack on Christmas The important thing is to not over do it and don't get derailed. 

  • Day 21: Very much an off day. I enjoyed going to Chargers vs. Raiders game. The Bolts won and got a little help with the Dolphins and Ravens losing, so the still have a slim chance at the playoffs going into Week 17.

    I did have a few beers at the game and couple pieces of chocolate today, but that is alright because it was an off day. I'm looking forward to starting Week-4 tomorrow.

  • Day 22: It felt good to back on the routing today with a solid workout and 6 small healthy meals. However, I am still not feeling 100 percent. I am actually worse this evening and I am little worried that I may be coming down with pink eye. I hope that is not the case. Hopefully, a good night sleep will do the trick again.

  • Day 23: I am proud to still be track today. As feared, for the first time in my life I woke up with a bad case of pink eye which was coupled with congestion. The morning was consumed with a trip  to the doctors and then another to the pharmacy.

    Being sick also meant I missed out my wife’s family tradition of having Chinese food on Christmas Eve. This may have been a good thing, because chances are that meal would not have been considered BFL friendly. Not going also allowed me to get a cardio in while they were out to lunch. Therefore, I am still on track!

    Tomorrow is suppose to be an upper body workout. So far, I have made every workout on the planned day. However, I am not sure if that is going to work tomorrow with our schedule, or even if I will have the energy for the toughest workout of the three. My back up plan is to do another cardio and push the upper body back until Thursday.

    Christmas will also be tough in terms of food. I plan to give myself a little leniency and not beat myself up over it.

    Merry Christmas!  

  • Day 24: Christmas ended up being a modified off day. I did not workout, but ate reasonably healthy with only a few treats. If I was grading myself on a curve based on previous Christmas's, I would be an A rage, but a D or an F for a BFL day.

    Today was the first workout I have missed since starting. Perhaps my body needed some rest. I still have a cold and can not fall asleep tonight due to a persistent cough.I am not going to beat myself up out about today.  My plan it to push on my workouts back a day and catch up on Sunday morning so that I finish the week week with six workouts.

    I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

  • I have had a horrible past three glad that Christmas is over in terms of having everyone feel the need to give me food (and really good food).  Good news is that we are headed to the beach tomorrow and it will help get me back on track. I have decided not to weigh myself until next week for fear that even a slight weight gain will make me want to give up.  Good luck all!

  • Day 25: It felt great to back at it today after an improvised day off due to Christmas. I did my upper body workout today that I was supposed to do yesterday, so I am still down a workout for the week which I will make up on Sunday morning.

    My biggest obstacle right now is that I am still fighting a nagging cold that it made it very difficult to fall asleep last night because of persistent cough. I don’t feel horrible, but I am certainly not 100 percent and it is nearing a week now. I’m very proud of myself for battling through.

    @amrfelts, whatever you do, don’t give up. You had a few bad days. So what? Shake it off and get back at it. You will be so thankful for persevering. And forget the damn scale, don’t let that stop you. If you do the scale number will only be worse as time passes. You can and will complete the 12-weeks. So have fun at the beach and while you are there get a few good jogs in on the sand.

  • Day 26: Today was a very solid BFL day, especially on the eating front. I’m very excited about the egg white, and spinach omelet, that included a little feta cheese and was topped with slices of a garden tomato, I whipped up this morning. I think it will become a mainstay.

    Due to Christmas, I am still a day behind my workout schedule.  This morning was cardio which was a little difficult because I am still battling a nagging cold. Nevertheless, I felt I could have stepped up the intensity a bit.  

  • Day 27: I got my second lower body workout of the week in around mid-morning. I still need to make up a cardio Sunday morning from my workouts being pushed back due to Christmas. Nevertheless, I am excited for us that we are closing in on 4 weeks which marks 1/3 of the way.

    I’m still not feeling 100 percent from my cold which has now persisted for over a week. However, I feel like I am getting a lot closer to be healthy which hopefully will give me a boost with my workouts.

  • Day 28: Got my missing cardio in this morning and have completed all 24 workouts in the first 28 days. Now I get to enjoy the rest of the day off. I am headed to Chargers game. Not only do the Bolts need to win to make the playoffs, but the Ravens and Dolphins also have to lose.

    I also did my weekly weigh in right after wakening up. I was pleasantly surprised that I had lost 3.0 pounds to bring my total weight loss to 9.8 lbs. My current weight is 185.2 lbs.

  • Completed my UBW this morning. The holidays have been a big challenge but I am holding my own. Need to focus and get through each day. Keep the faith!

  • Day 29: Wow! We are still getting over that crazy game against the Chiefs yesterday that propelled the Chargers to make the playoffs. They needed six straight games (1-64) to go their way in the final two weeks of the season and it actually happened.

    Today marks the start of the fifth week, so I completely switched up upper body workout. I plan to do the same in another 4 weeks to keep my body guessing. However, I find it much more difficult to adjust the lower body workout and am open to suggestions.

    Congratulations to theorchid33 for posting great results after four weeks. I agree with Jmont6767, we are in the middle of a difficult two week stretch, but we are now past 1./ of the way! We can do it!

  • Day 30: I really pushed myself hard on the elliptical this morning including moving the incline up to 25 percent. It paid off in terms of being my most intense cardio workout so far.

    Like Christmas, I am giving myself a little slack on the eating for the next 24 hrs.

    Happy New Years!