A hello

  • Just starting the challenge today and wanted to say hi and meet everyone out there. Anyone else beginning today or recently started?

  • Hi there!  I just started last week and keep forgetting to get on the boards.  Good luck and remember to PLAN!!! :-)

  • Hey, Cammie! How's the challenge going for you so far?

  • Congratulations Ladies!  Stay the course and the results will come.

  • I just started on 11/18 as well. Let's go at this 100%! Good luck!

  • I've started this week myself.  I've found out very quickly that you HAVE TO PLAN!  I goofed and didn't get foods and meals lined up for this weekend have paid the consequences so far.  I am playing catch up on preparing meals and getting ready for each work day.

  • Hey there littlelou.  It's going great.  I'm having a great time with the workouts but the planning of the meals has been a little rougher.  I'm eating the way I'm supposed to but not necessarily what I planned.  Trying to fix that.  How about for  you?  And the rest of you?  How are you doing?

  • I started on monday 11-25-13 and it feels great.  I feel like I'm eating too much and all the time, but I always feel hungry by the time my next planned meal time comes around, so I assume my muscles are calling for nutrients.  Anyway, I'm new too and finding this pretty exciting if it turns out anything like the before and after pictures.  I'm afraid it wont but am hopeful and committed to stick with it the 12 weeks and see for myself.