Anyone starting BFL today (11/04/2013)?

  • By chance, is anyone kicking off with 12-weeks of BFL today?  I'm cranking it up today and will be getting my workout in later this evening. 

    I tried giving it a go a few months back things fell through, mainly due to my poor planning and allowing things to keep me from staying focused on the task and goals I had set.  I'm planning to not let that be the case this time.

  • I started today.  Just finished a program, took a week off and now I'm getting in another program.  Lost 56 pounds last 12 weeks and gained a lot of energy.  My goal is to lose a total of 106 pounds within a year of B4L.  Anything is possible if you make the decision to set your mind on a goal and never give up, even if you slip up a little.

    Good luck on your new program! You can do it this round!

  • Starting today! One week behind you  Ag12thman. How did your first week go?

  • I want to try again.

  • Starting today! I'm having trouble finding out how much of something is a "serving"? Half cup for carbs, 3oz for protein?

  • A protein portion is the size of the palm of your hand (imagine cutting off fingers, thumb, and arm at the base of the hand.  A carb portion is the size of your fist.  I would highly suggest anyone starting the program read the original BFL book first.