Thinking of a 2nd challenge

  • Finished my first challenge a few weeks ago and am thinking about starting challenge 2! I just wanted to get some ideas of any money saving tactics any of you have. I found myself doing really well on the eating part of the challenge when I spent more money but when I tried to save here or there the eating healthy seemed to become alot harder. Anyway, any tips would be great!!!

    1st challenge stats

    Here are my stats:

                             Beg                                     End

    Pant size:        14                                          8/10

    Shirt size:        Large/X-large                     Medium

    Body Fat %     34                                         26

    Weight:           168                                       154

    Waist:              33.5                                       29.5

    Chest:            38.5                                        36.5

    Hips:               43                                           39

    Thighs:          26, 25                                24.5, 23.5

    Calves:           15                                             14

    Arms:              12.5, 12                                  11.5, 11.5

    2nd Challenge goals:

    Weight: 145 (down 10 pounds)

    Body Fat %: 20 (down 6 %)

    Pant size: 6 (down a pant size)

  • I look at the second challenge like this.

    The first challenge is like dating.  All exciting and the motivation comes and you see great progress and it's overall easier to stay on course.

    Then challenge two comes around.  It's more like marriage, you are still enamored with it but then comes the reality of the commitment involved.  There fire that burned so brightly during the first challenge has died down a little to a slow burning flame, so you have to add more wood to the fire.  Set new, more challenging goals.  

    Commit to continued healthy eating.  You can't get much less expensive than cottage cheese, eggs, dried beans and brown rice. Add some fresh greens like spinach and whatever veggies are in season and you're all set.

    You can do this!

  • Second challenge is definitely more difficult to get through.  For that reason, I would take a little while off in between if you haven't already.  There are several threads in these forums about what to do between challenges (active rest).  There is no doubt that it's expensive to eat healthy (the BFL way), but as BFLChamp09 said, you can do it and some of the cheapest foods are the most healthy (cottage cheese, eggs, veggies, etc.).