Starting BFL 10/21/2013

  • thanx ,..nice

  • Its Monday...week #5. I'm still hanging in there. This mornings upper body work out was a killer. I was glad once it was done and felt great for finishing it. My big goal this week is to stay away from the trick or treat bowl that keeps giving me the eye each time I walk by it. Also to read my success journal goals twice a day. I really like the way the journal is set up. It helps me to stay organized and on track. Being that week #4 is officially behind us I guess ill break out the old tape measure after work and see if there's any changes. Wish me luck.

    Stick with it this week guys. Focus on those 10s in your workouts. Have a good week.

  • Good luck Bailey! Taking your measurements is the best motivating factor I know of...

    I love the journal too, in fact I have been wishing there was one for other areas of my life so I can get on top of things like I am in fitness right know what I mean? :D

  • I measured and lost inches all over except calves. I have finally stopped coughing every time I exert myself. Time to get back to exercising.

  • Hi guys, anyone still hanging in there. I survived Thanksgiving week without any crazy draw backing in the diet. I have however suffered a stinking injury that the doctor said was caused by me pushing it too hard in the gym. Getting old sucks. He said I needed to lay off anything that would inflame my injury (which seems to be just about everything) for a few weeks. I'm a week and a half into this thing and feel kind of depressed about it. Was doing so well too. Going to get back in the gym Monday come hell or high water. Any advise on how to do this while hurt? I have just been trying to watch my diet.

  • While I cannot tell you how to do this while hurt other than to watch your food, I can tell you not to push it and to listen to your body. At one point I was training for a marathon. It was going to be my first. I was doing 2 hours of running twice a day for 6 days a week plus working out with a trainer for weightlifting twice a week and swimming twice a week. All of it to build endurance. The marathon was 7 months away. Then the headaches started and I ignored them. My trainer finally told me that he was cancelling all appointments until I saw a doctor. I kept running or at least I tried to run. I was running on the treadmill and kept sliding off. I couldn't even hold on and stay on the machine. I tried the elliptical and the bike. I couldn't stay upright on any of them.

  • I finally went to the doctor (actually many doctors). The headaches were diagnosed as daily migraines. During this time my feet also hurt but I never said anything until the pain got to be too much to handle. I had torn ligaments in both feet. I now wear orthopedic shoes which are a constant reminder of my injury. And I will never be able to run that marathon.