Starting BFL 10/21/2013

  • Hi ASouth and Bailey331!

    @Bailey331, I agree with Asouth. It is not about perfectionism. It is about persistence. Do your best each day and keep moving forward. We are changing lifelong habits here and this takes time. Once your mom starts seeing your efforts payoff, she'll understand if you pass on the cake. And I don't know about you, but I don't have much will power. I have been known to throw desserts out after people leave (I don't tell them this so they don't feel bad) or insist that they take the leftovers home with me. I know I am only so strong. The best tool for me for success is a kitchen free of temptation.

    Here's to a great W1 D3/84!

  • I would love to have a FB group for support.  I am starting on Monday, October 28th.  I just got back from vacation and need a few days to get caught up and put some meal plans together.  If you start a FB group, count me in!

  • I am committing myself to a weekend of BFL meals and dedicated workouts.

    W1 D 5/84

  • Superman, I didn't know that about the compound lift then isolation moves... I'm going to keep that in mind next workout.

    I'm using the Body for Life Success Journal to keep track of the exercises...They write a minute rest between each rep. I use a stop-watch to keep timing!

    I'm not joking, but to help keep yourself moving and staying on track, tell everyone you see, (even the postman) about your challenge, people on this forum....accountability really helps along with discipline which gets stronger as you keep moving through the program-me.

  • Hey guys! Well its day #10 and I'm still cooking right along. I did well all week long on my meal plans and have pushed thing so hard in the gym that I can hardly sit down my legs are so sore. I weighed after the first week and found I had not lost any weight nor gained any. Was pretty happy all in all. I didn't even go crazy on my free day. I have started jacking with the guys at work and have several agreed to take the challenge. they are starting this coming Monday. One of them dropped allot of money on a new bow flex machine for his living room.

    How was everyone else s first week.

  • Looks like the majority of people starting their challenge have stopped checking in.  That's a shame, but not a surprise.  The first month is always the hardest (I hit my struggles during week 3), especially if you're new to BFL and aren't taking the meal planning seriously.  

    My advice to everyone (new or old BFL challengers) is to plan everything and to write EVERYTHING down.  I have a journal filled with planned meals, actual meals, cardio stats (what I did, the speeds I used, and if I stopped to catch my breath during the 20 minutes), and weight stats (time I started, time I finished, what exercise I am doing and the weight level, and all notes that I may need the next time I work out to remind myself if I was lifting too heavy or too light).  I do this every single day, and my journal is never out of my sight, it's become an extension of my hand and one of the most important tools to succeed.

    Glad to hear you're doing well Bailey!  Have you been taking your measurements as well (including BF %) to keep track of your progress, or just the scale?

  • I am still here and working the progress. I have already had compliments on my weightloss although I don't see it yet. I do feel closes fitting looser. A new gym is opening a couple miles away, I can't wait fot it to open because my weights are not going to last long.. I thought two 25 pound dumbells would have been enough. I have found that it is not. .

  • Starting of week #3!!! Superman, I have not done a body fat measurement. I own a set of the calipers to do it but I feel I'm doing it wrong. Any advise?  I took measurements of various locations on my body on the first day of the challenged but I don't want to take a second until week 4 is complete. I weigh every Monday (down 2 1/2 pounds this week). I agree with you that keeping a detailed journal is key in success. I could cut and past your comments on journal ling to my  replay and they would be the same. I log everything. If I fail to write my meal plan down, I screw the whole day up.

    Asouth, I did the same thing with my dumbbells...thinking I had plenty of weight. I ended up finding a set of Power Blocks on Craiglist and love them. Have a good weeks guys. Hit those 10s.

  • me! if you would want to make a group and let me know i will join

  • I recommend that official BFL journal which you can buy on Amazon! You can get it used for like 3 dollars or something. Here is the link:

  • About the calipers....I use them too to measure my body-fat. I started by getting tested at the gym but you really should do it at the same time each day and the trainer wasn't always available. Then I switched gyms and the new gym used a hand-held device which I have researched is not very accurate. The calipers is the best low-cost method there is. So now I get my husband to do it since I can not do my back measurement on my own. It took weeks and weeks of him practising to get any sensible readings....But now it's working! I recommend looking up videos on Youtube about where exactly to place the calipers. Take several readings until you get a consistent reading before you note anything down. Try different algorithms online to find one that works for you. Personally I use the idass body fat website:

    Also, as you get thinner, it will get easier to make measurements as you will be able to see your body-parts better! lol

  • Starting week 4. Other than a cold, I feel great. I don't see any changes but people who know that I am doing this say they can see a change. I am just going to keep at it slowly but surely (or is that Shirley? he he)

  • Its is week #4 today! man o man I had a great last week. One of my goals was to stay away from any and all junk foo. I was so pleased when I was able to put a check mark each day next to the goal. No junk! Ha. I also dropped 4 pound and people can tell. I showed a friend My before picture today and they freaked. You could see a difference mostly in my face I think but better than nothing. Getting up each morning is getting easy too. Asouth you keep it up! You and me are going to finish this thing.

    Happy veterans day to my awesome wife my dad and anyone else listening. Thank you for you service. Of and don't call me Shirley!

  • Bailey CONGRADULATIONS it'a amazing that you can see changes in your photos already!!! I'm still not sure how visible mine are.....!

    What kind of activities does everyone do for their mind-set formation daily? Up until recently I was working on my image-board. I always make it a point to visit the forums too. I'm trying to find the time to read the champions book but that's the hardest of all, along with fitness mags. Today I'm focusing on drinking all 3 cups of Betagen.

  • Week 4 is over. I haven't had time to measure yet. I have lost 10 pounds and am fitting comfortably in size 12 clothes. I started in 14s so I am really happy.