Starting BFL 10/21/2013

  • I am at a point where I want to make a change i want my before 2 kids body back being a single mom i want to feel pretty again... is anyone starting on this day maybe we could help each other our or answer any questions or just be of support.





  • I am Sara (25 y), I started yesterday. I have accualy done this before in 2010 so I know it works. I was in shape 2010 - 2012, then this year I fell off the wagon. This time I am doing it online. So just want to say go Casey! =)

  • Hi I am Mialight and I will be starting on 10/21/13 I want to read the entire book first and buy the groceries that I am going to be needing. I will be more than happy and grateful if we could support each other. I need to do this for health reasons need to lose 40 lbs.



  • Hey guys,

    I started two and a half weeks ago, but I am more than willing to be a cheerleader!  If you have any questions or need support, I'm here.

  • Hi

    I am beginning on the 21st as well.  Can someone just answer a quick question for me please - just so I get it - the upper body exercises for each muscle must be five sets for each?  Is that correct?

  • Technically it's 6 sets.  You start with a 12 rep warm up, increase the weight and do 10 reps, increase again and do 8 reps, then you're going to be lifting the maximum you can handle for only 6 reps (at this point, you shouldn't be able to do a 7th rep, otherwise you're lifting too light).  This is the first part of the pyramid, the next two sets are going to be called the superset.  You're going to repeat the same exercise with the same weight you used for 8 reps (do NOT lower the weight too much, this is the point where you're going to be pushing yourself the hardest), this time you're going to do 12 reps and then immediately follow up this exercise with a different exercise for the same body part for a final 12 reps.

    There are a lot of methods for lifting, but I think the most beneficial is starting with a compound lift (one that involves multiple muscles to lift) and then supersetting with an isolation move (one that focuses only on one muscle).

    Example of this would be:

    Bench press for 5 sets then following it up with one set of dumbbell flies.

    Hammer curls for 5 sets then superset with preacher curls

    Remember, don't rest too much between sets.  The success of your workout has a lot to do with the amount of rest you take in between reps.  The less you rest, the more effective the workout is.

    Hope that helps, and good luck!

  • Good morning!  I hope you don't mind me jumping into your conversation.  I am starting on Sunday 10/27.  I have also done this challenge before (2009) and had awesome results.  Life stresses got in the way and I find myself here again.  I also am a single mom and want to once again show my children what a healthy lifestyle is all about and get them on the right track for their futures!  Just wanted to wish everyone well as we embark on this journey!

  • I am starting as well. I need support as well. I am about to head to the store to get some items to prepare some items in advance.

  • I am starting today as well and am hopeful that we can all help and support one another.  Is anyone interested in being in private Facebook Group, which is a great way to communicate?

  • Hi Mialight - I too am starting tomorrow.  I need to lose 50-55 pounds.  I am looking for some support as well.  Maybe we can help each other?

  • What things have you all done to actually begin - what mental elements did you do to just make yourselves get up and off 'it' - and do it?  I have allowed myself to become lazy, no other way of saying it, the excuses going through the head - next week, next week, etc, so any advice to stop this useless mental crap would be very welcome and thanks also for the weightlifting advice.

  • Let's go

  • Hey guys. I started my challenge today so would like to tag along with you guys over the next 12 weeks!  Hope everyone is motivated and inspired for transformation!

  • Good Morning!

    Count me in!

    I did one challenge successfully a few years ago and loved the whole journey. Recently, Life has been happening and the priority of Take Care Of Self has slipped some. This is a reminder to myself that before I can take care of the people around me, I must first take care of myself.

    I look forward to the comradery found here as we go through this experience together!

  • Good Morning everyone. My name is Bailey and today is the day! I actually got out of bed at 5am and hit the gym. This is day number 1 for me too. Its my second Challenge but I too fell off the wagon and now I'm ready to get back on. I am going to try doing the whole thing online and hope to visit with you often. I hope you can help me stay motivated and I in turn will try pushing you towards your goals as well. I'm 44 and feeling every year of it. ! don't have a lot of weight to loose (under 15 pounds) but I need to build some major muscle and tone my mid section. I really want to have a flat belly and be able to keep up with my kids. Good luck everyone!