For the women doing this...WHAT are you eating?

  • Ladies, thanks for the input.

    When starting this it can be daunting for someone who REALLY likes to cook and cook exotic, to most people, types of things.

    I have gluten and wheat sensitivity. have to be careful how much I ingest.

    A daughter has peanut, egg allergies. I DO NOT cook separate meals for anyone. The husband is on board with me. He gave up his sodas and switched to Lo-carb Monsters..That's huge for him, but he's not particularly overweight , but he's supportive..

    Tonight we are having Vietnamese sandwiches and salad with light homemade sesame dressing.

    I did 40 minutes at the Y on the Weight machines. Tomorrow is cardio AND weights....

    need to find some of the EAS supplements and find an I-pod Armband holder..

    I also found a copy of Body for Life for women at Half Price books....


  • Debbie, If I won a million dollars, I would hire a chauffeur and a cook/grocery shopper. Melissa

  • I love gourmet as much as the next guy, but I've also learned to have simpler tastes since learning the BFL way of eating.  My husband often pops a tray of boneless chicken breasts in the oven on Sunday night, bakes for 20 minutes, then there you go.....leftovers all week.....chicken sandwiches, salads, pasta, whatever.  Same thing with lean ground beef....patty 'em up and cook them all at once....tastes as good to me in the microwave on Weds as it does Sunday night out of the frying pan!  My sister thinks I'm crazy but this is how I've been able to maintain this way of eating without too much frustration.  I love fresh, yummy  recipes too, don't get me wrong....but with 3 kids under 6, they are few and far between.  Always fresh veggies and fruits, though!

    Favorites....sweet potato in microwave for 5 mins, spinach/onion/tomato salad with grilled chicken and a splash of balsamic vinegar/olive oil, wheat tortilla wrap with chicken and fresh salsa, homemade sweet potato or regular potato fries....these are a treat!  Cut them up like shoestring fries, put a tiny bit of olive oil on them so they don't burn (doesn't take much and olive oil is authorized in the Eating for Life book) and bake at 400 on baking stone.....YUM!

  • CC...I LOVED your ideas!!  I will most definitely be using them.  (Isn't it funny how someone can give you an idea that makes so much sense...but I never thought about doing it that way!)  Again, thanks!  I'll be cooking my chicken, beef and turkey patties like this.  We're at the start of Little League baseball season and we get home later these days, so having some pre-cooked food to zap in the microwave will be a blessing.  Have a great day!!

    "No More Excuses...No More Wasted Time!"

  • thanks Deirdre!

    I have flank steak out for tonight and just had a "mini-Vietnamese sandwich. full of salad greens, lean pork chop, cilantro, jalapenos...about 3/4 the size of my whole hand...probably about 250 cals.

    ( I don't do grains for breakfast...I will be starving in an hour!) I have to work for 4 hours today so I will have to do a protein bar sometime in there...)

  • We all have to tailor this a bit to our lives...I can pass on SO much, but I NEED my spices and the like! LOL! I can pass up candy and desserts with NO problem, not the sweets eater  I once was. Fat isn't even really an issue, it's flavour..

    I have a Flank steak marinating in  homemade sugar free,Teriyaki for tonight. I don't think of what I do as gourmet. I DID do a chef's apprenticeship before heading back to college, but most of my cooking comes from experience and where I have lived.

    I can pass on Chinese with no issue, I prefer Vietnamese. The food is lighter and flavours brighter and a LOT less fat..I'm sure it can work around this...

  • Hi Alexandra!

    I think the original BFL book by Bill Phillips is better that the womans one. (I have both) If you want amazing results in 12 weeks, try to stick to Bill Phillips program as close as possible.

    He also has a book "Eating for Life" that has a lot of recipes that you could tweak with the spices you love. I would love your homemade teriyaki recipe! I prefer homemade to store bought! Like making homemade chicken broth/stock. I save bones, everything in "that bag" except the liver in a large ziplock bag in the freezer, when its full, throw in a pot, cover with water & then some, add onions, carrots, celery, some spices (whatever spices or vegetables you want) bring to a boil and then simmer several hours. I then freeze it, some of it goes into ice cube trays so I can add a little flavor to rice or whatever.



    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • I also have both books and find the original so simple to follow, but the womens one really covers so many other issues - I think it makes great reading about half way through - when your looking for more information or inspiration - but the original is simple.  I completed my first BFL last year and am gearing up for a second, a few things are different this time though.  First time I had a gym membership and a personal trainer for the weights sessions this time I don't have access to the gym (or creche) and no personal trainer!

    I have four children and found that they generally ate what I ate with a few adjustments, also if you like canned fish which I do fish vegies and a portion of allready precooked rice is great.  You can also get single portion frozen salmon here in Australia that is very quick to "poach"in the microwave.  Planning is the key, you can not possibly plan to much.

    Plan! Plan! Plan! - also persistance! :)

    I am starting next week!

  • G'day Lany! ( My in laws just got back from AUS)

    Thanks for the input. Canned Fish? Do you mean Salmon and tuna and the like? I can eat them. I prefer smoked Oysters and sardines( how weird am I?!)

    I have been adjusting our meals, reducing the overall fat and watching my portion sizes. Yeah we can get individual portion here in the US as well.

    I have to work today which means I may only be able to do lower body weights and do upper body tomorrow...

    I have 4 kids as well...all girls...

  • Alexandra,  

    What do you mean by "I may only be able to do lower body weights and do upper body tomorrow"...UBWO and LBWO are supposed to be done on different days.  

    I probably misread or misunderstood your comment...if so, sorry!