Starting 10/7/2013

  • Put your mind to it and make it happen!  Make sure you keep track of everything, food diary, weight journal, and plan your meals each day.  You've got this!  Are you doing BFL by the book?  6 balanced meals, at least 48 oz of water, HIIT, and alternating resistance?

    I feel good today, but tomorrow is my weekly judgement day!  I look forward to seeing the measurements/weights/BF%....each week is like Christmas!  lol

  • I have one of the original BFL journals that I am using.  Good luck with your check in tomorrow.  Let us know how you do!

  • Weigh-in/Free day for me.

    The cheat days are always more enjoyable when you get favorable results. I know I shouldn't pay too much attention to the scale (it's not liposuction happening here, I'm changing my body composition from the inside), but I went down a pound this week and that's definitely a win. Along with another 0.2% BF and 2.75 inches off my body (1 inch off my waist, one off my chest). All around good start to my day.

    Hope everyone is kicking butt and taking names! Keep hitting those 10's!

  • Interesting week. I did a weigh-in every day and checked body fat almost every day. If the measurements are accurate, then during the week (good diet, no real workouts but plenty of walking), I dropped about three pounds of fat with lean mass staying pretty constant. Over the weekend (no workouts, poor diet, meal pattern was close to "intermittent fasting"), fat stayed constant and I added two pounds lean. That can't be muscle - it's probably my body hoarding water since I wasn't drinking enough. Or, it could be that my body fat measurement was off and this is fat coming back; we'll see what it looks like next week.

    One thing I can't do right now is push for 10s. With the tendinitis I'm fighting, it's a sure recipe for injury. I experimented with the dumbbell swing this morning, and it feels like it could provide a lot of intensity with lower impact than the exercises I've usually done in the past, so I'm going to try that this week along with a couple of core strengthening exercises and see how it goes. Once my custom orthotics come in (just two more weeks!) I'll try to build up to some HIIT again.

    I'm very glad to have this forum for support. My wife tries, but for most of our marriage she's been 128 lbs and about 18% body fat at 5' 11", and she just can't understand why I can't get to a decent weight doing what she does (no breakfast, high carbs, low protein, no workouts), especially since whatever success I've had doing it other ways has always been temporary up until now.

  • Well, I didn't plan well for a midweek lunch at work, wound up letting it throw my whole diet out of whack, and didn't fully recover until yesterday. It wasn't a total crash, just messed up here and there - fortunately I didn't lose any ground, wound up exactly where I was last Monday. This week should be better, I've got a firmer plan.

    Interesting to watch my lean mass drop over the first couple days of the week and then climb over the weekend. That probably confirms my guess that my body hoards water over the weekend (I have trouble drinking enough over the weekend for some reason), then drops the excess during the week when I start drinking enough again.

  • Back on track so far - been keeping to my plan. Getting my new orthotics this afternoon; hopefully next week I'll be able to get back into HIIT.

    How's everyone else doing?

  • Yay! Got through the weekend without overdoing my free day. Weight is actually down a tad, and (more importantly) so is my belly. New orthotics are wonderful - didn't have a chance to try HIIT over the weekend or this morning but I'm planning a session this evening.

  • Aaaand.... life intervenes. Had a last-minute chance to check out a rental apartment last night (which I'm going to take - it'll cut my daily commute from 45 minutes to 5 and doesn't cost that much more than my current place). That left me no time for HIIT last night, and I overslept so there's no time for a decent run at it this morning (or, to be precise, I've got time for HIIT but not for the shower afterward, and the way I sweat a shower's mandatory). On the plus side, checked body fat and I've lost about 4-1/2 lbs of fat in the last 3 weeks. Given that I've haven't gotten in a full workout yet (and only a couple of short ones), I'm ecstatic.

    Still, gotta work harder on getting the workouts in. 1-1/2 lbs per week just isn't enough to get me to my goal for this challenge.

  • By the way - where'd everybody go? It's been 16 days since someone besides me made a post.

  • I'm still around!  Been jumping back and forth between BFL Tracker forums and this one.  Honestly, I haven't been checking in as much because the forums were doing the exact opposite than their purpose.  I felt so demotivated checking in because I got tired of reading everyone's excuses and lack of will power (especially on the Tracker Forum which has sadly turned into a chatroom and 80% of the people aren't evening dieting or exercising).  I wasn't feeling inspired and held accountable.

    Mstickles, I am glad to see you're still going strong and making progress.  What day are you on?

    Here's my quick update:  I am on day 30 right now.  So far, I've been 100% clean and haven't cheated or skipped a workout once.  I do HIIT every other day (and raise the speed by 1 at the start of each new week) and really push myself to hit 10's during my resistance training sessions.  I pushed my dumbbell bench press from 70 lbs on week one to 85 lbs (without a spotter) and my leg press from 450 lbs to 610lbs.  Week three was difficult to get through, but I kept strong and stayed focused on the goal ahead.  Last weigh in was an important one for me, I finished my first month and am now 1/3 of the way through this challenge.  The numbers are reflecting (down 9.4 lbs, 2% bodyfat, and 8.25 inches...3 inches being from my waist) and more importantly, I am starting to notice the changes in the mirror.  Today I kept checking myself out in the mirror just from sheer excitement.

    Yesterday I changed my weight training exercises so my body doesn't get too comfortable with the same exercise each time I go (muscle confusion and all that) and tomorrow will be the first day of my new lower body routine.  I'm not 100% sure what I'm planning on switching it to, but I'll get it figured out and written down before I go to bed tonight.

    Other than that, not too much else to report.  Glad someone else in the forums is still pushing themselves and making strides forward.  Keep it up!

  • Today is day 24 for me - I'm in the middle of my fourth week. Seeing changes already on the scale and the tape measure, but not in the mirror. Not surprising though - my first challenge I got very good results, but the changes visible in the mirror were very subtle. Based on past history I'll probably have to get below 210 or even 200 lbs (I'm currently about 233) before I see that much difference in the mirror.

    I can't say I've been 100% clean in my eating - not even close - but I deliberately planned for that this challenge. I've been dealing with a lot of stress at work, at home, and at my work apartment (I work over 200 miles from home), and my standard stress reaction is to eat junk and veg at the computer. To compensate, my plan allowed for more initial slippage in the workouts and meals (to avoid burnout and/or excessive discouragement). You could maybe summarize my plan as (a) just do something along the lines of what you know you should, (b) don't stress if you're not doing it exactly "right", and (c) every week nudge it closer to "right".

    I am looking at changing my workout plan, though. I had wanted to avoid the upper and lower body workouts and stick solely with HIIT alternating with moderate cardio and some core exercises, so as to avoid adding more lean mass - any extra weight makes problems for my ankles and knees, and based on my body fat measurements over the years I already have at least 30 lbs more lean mass than I did in my prime (I was 148 lbs and in the 12-15% body fat range way back then). However, it's clear that the original plan's just not working, so I'm going to start doing some light dumbbell work this week - mostly to get my form back and start rebuilding the workout habit (and my confidence) - and then step it up to the next level next week.

  • So - currently in the middle of my fifth week. Weigh-in yesterday showed some lean mass fluctuation, but no fat loss. After losing three pounds of fat the first week, my body fat hasn't varied by more than 0.2 lbs over the past three weeks.

    Can't complain, though. First thing, my diet really needs to be tightened up more - I'm making too many slips to maintain fat loss without serious exercise. Second, my workouts are still at "rehab the knees and shoulders" level; I'm not even close to hitting 10s at this point (and it's obvious I'd injure myself if I tried). At least I'm holding the line so far.

    I know a big part of my problem is the "tyranny of the urgent" - too much stuff has been coming up at work, at church and at home that has to be handled right now, and it's been playing havoc with my planning (my initial plan was more of a "meta-plan" requiring constant adjustment, and that's not getting done). In my first challenge I ran strong without lots of planning, but it's become painfully obvious that - this time at least - if I don't take time to plan, then at best I'll barely hold my own.

    My primary goals for the rest of this week are:

    (1) Re-find the set of knee rehab exercises that worked great for me last year, and start doing them again religiously.

    (2) Write down my full meal plan (including times) at the beginning of each day.

    (3) Identify and set aside a time to explicitly plan for next week. Once set, that time is not to be pre-empted by anything short of the Apocalypse.