New here!!! What do I do?????

  • I just started this today.  What all do you do for the BFL?  Is it just a workout and eatting plan?

  • You should read the original BFL book by Bill Phillips.  He lays out the program very clear.  Good luck!


  • In a nutshell: eat 5-6 small meals a day (include a protein and healthy carb for each meal). Eating more frequently will boost your metabolism.  Drink lots of water.  Workout 6 days a week. Upper body, cardio, lower body, cardio, repeat.  Upper body and Lower body consists of weight lifting to build muscle.  These workouts are generally 45 min long.  The cardio workouts consist of 21 min of high intensity intervals.  The 7th day is your free day to not workout and to eat whatever you would like.  I agree with Mike, you should tead the book.  Planning and being prepared is key for body for life. Hope this helps