Anyone up for starting on 9/23?

  • Hi Chelsea!

    About making BFL a way of life I totally agree! However I think it's important to have goals and deadlines... Without that I think there may be problems with motivation.... One tip I keep hearing is to keep setting new challenges for yourself. That's what I'm looking at right now. How I'm going to go about my next challenge.... In essense I want to do another BFL challenge, but I'm also looking at entering a mud race or something of the sort...

    Good to hear from you again! I stopped a week early as I had some set-backs and also could not wait to start my next challenge after taking some time off.....I don't know.... Anyway, here are my final photos and you can judge for yourself!

    Chelsea don't give up on your challenge even if you decide to make this a way of life. I really regret not finishing my last week as I think I could have achieved more. But that is a lesson learned among so many.  You have been a great accountability partner and a motivation, thank-you! I wish you success on your future journey, you deserve it! What are your fitness goals?

  • Hi Galina! You truly look INCREDIBLE. Well done - you achieved wonderful results. Look at your stomach!!! I think your goal of having well defined abs is very attainable :)

    I very much agree about having goals and setting deadlines - what you said is very true. My biggest fitness goal at this point is just to have a flatter stomach. I also wish to be more 'fit' in general for my backpacking trip! What are some of your fitness goals?

    Thank you for your kind words - you truly have been a great accountability partner and motivator for me as well. I mean it 100%.