Anyone up for starting on 9/23?

  • Hello everyone.  I haven't dropped off, just haven't ben posting.  I do still come out and read the forums every week day.  Today is the start of my 5th week.  Still going strong, although I know that I'm not as dedicated to sticking to everything on the weekends, as I should be.  Still working on the discipline there.

    Glad to see that everyone is still kicking butt with this!

  • geolson68 - Thank you so much for your advice! I will definitely try that :)

    SGerig - Nice to hear from you again :)

    I just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know this will be my last post for a little over a week - I am going on holidays/vacation to NY. Just don't want anyone to think I dropped off the face of the earth. Keep going strong!!!

  • Chelsea have a great holiday!!! And don't forget to  take some resistance bands with you to keep going with the exercises :)

    SGerig good to hear from you again.

  • I have to write this little update even though I'm feeling like I'm hogging the entire thread!!! (please someone else contribute!)

    So it's my week 5 and I forced myself this morning to take all my measurements so I can see my progress over the month. Printing the pictures, taking the photos, getting the body-fat tested, it's easy to procrastinate and over-complicate the process! Anyway I'm really happy that I have maintained my body-fat at 19.5% since two weeks ago when I thought that the results were too good to be true :) I also decreased my total circumference by 10cm. Mey weight has hardly changed...I think I have the hang of getting reliable measurements now... I'm over halve way towards my goals and really happy!!! Although I think that from now on my results will not be as fast, since all the muscle memory effect has probably been used up. Nether-less I feel really great about having made real progress. This is really working I still can't really believe it...

  • That's wonderful!  Congratulations!  You're seeing great progress, keep going.

    May I recommend your switch up your workouts to confuse your muscle memory?  Try moving on to exercises that you're not great at.  For me, I HATE doing the stair that's my go to workout.  Every week I raise the speed by one level so it forces my body to work harder than it did the week before.  I do the same thing with resistance training.  Switch up your workouts to continue to see strong results.

  • Superman, thanks for your advice and encouragement! I was planning to switch up my exercises in week 6... But I'm getting bored with the treadmill and I think I will switch to the stair master tomorrow since that seems like a real challenge to me too. It will also give me some time to recover my energy so that I can reach a bigger high point on the treadmill which is my ultimate measure of my cardio progress!!! lol It took me a good few weeks to figure out how to work with the weights progression during weight training, I'm doing well currently with the exercises and a little nervous about switching them up, but I will!

  • Hi everyone - I am back!!

    Galina - congratulations on your progress, that is absolutely fantastic and you should be proud!!! :)

    I decided (even before starting BFL knowing I would be doing BFL while on holidays in New York) to take a hiatus from BFL while I was in New York. I am fine with my decision and am not beating myself up over it at all - it was my decision but I am ready to start fresh again on Sunday. :)

    I returned home on Tuesday night but got a cold my last night in NY on Monday night - and flying home did not help my cold at all. It turned into a full blown sinus infection and horrific cold thanks to the pressure in the airplane, etc. and by Tuesday evening I was (and am) really sick. I could not go to work Wednesday or Thursday so today was my first day back. I had absolutely no energy to work out or even go grocery shopping to buy BFL-approved foods so I will be starting fresh Sunday. I am happy to be back.

  • Hey Chelsea, glad your back! I'm sorry to hear about your terrible cold.... I guess that is an adversity that your facing. I hope u  hit the ground running again Monday and don't try to make up for anything just carry on the program. Have ur cheat day even! Just stick with the plan. Last time I was traveling, before the challenge, I planned to do use resistance bands when on the road, what I didn't realize was that there are a whole lot of exercises to learn and a new routine, I wasn't prepared for that so I just rested!

  • Well! It's been crazy. Before I went to NY - I was doing so great on the program - mentally and physically. As I said, I made the decision to take a one week break from BFL & planned to get right back where I was with BFL. Well, my health has really gotten in the way of this plan!!!

    I started eating the BFL way (mostly - not as strict as I should be) on Sunday and tried some of the upper body work out Sunday morning and could hardly do anything. My body is so fatigued and I feel awful. It is a mix of terrible allergies and a sinus infection. I am miserable and exhausted. I had issues with the first antibiotic I was taking and am to start a new one tonight and I am not allowed to exercise for one week while I am on this antibiotic (!!) I suppose it's a good thing - need to listen to my body. In the mean time, I will keep eating the BFL way and I will keep checking in.

    I don't regret taking a one week break while I was in NY though - it would have been almost impossible for me to eat the BFL way! I didn't sit down for any meals - just grabbed street food (yum) and ate on the go! At least I was active :)

  • Galina - how are you doing? How is everyone else doing?

    I think I can finally start working out again tomorrow - thank goodness, I have missed it! I haven't been doing too well. My sinusitis has kept me down and out for a solid two weeks now and I am only starting to get better. I also have finally made the decision to get allergy testing done. I was talking to a friend the other day who gets allergy shots and was asking him questions. I was curious what his symptoms were before he started getting the shots, and he said his only symptom was feeling tired all of the time and his muscles always felt tired. I didn't even know this could be a symptom of allergies - I've experienced this most of my life (yes, even when I eat well). So, once I find out what's going on with me maybe I can really start feeling better.

    No excuses for how my diet has been going. I haven't fallen completely off the wagon (I am not eating like I do on my free days by any means) but am also not completely eating the BFL way. Little cheats here & there and not enough protein throughout the day. I know why this has happened - I haven't had the energy to sit down and plan my meals and write a full and proper grocery list. I am going to make a conscious effort to change that this weekend.

    I hope everyone else is doing well.

  • Hey I'm back! Didn't realise it was so long since I last wrote... Time is flying so quickly, I'm already on my 8th week!!! I'm already looking forward to another challenge after this one, even better one as there is so much I have learned on this challenge and so much more that I want to achieve... I had faced some adversity last week and it has taken a while to get back into the swing of things. I only missed one workout but my daily routine changed quite a bit... And boy after I missed that workout I regretted it straight away. One reason I had a cheat day in the middle of my week is because my motivation was down and combine that with increased stress-levels....BOOM! I had not been measuring my progress since I'm so good at avoiding that....I've had good results and I suppose I'm just nervous that they won't be so good in the future... Not knowing my progress, that's when doubts start to creep in....

    Chelsea, I hope you consider doing another challenge after this one too. Since I bet you will improve your workouts and eating habits and eventually you will hit the plan perfectly!  I'm pretty good at sticking to the eating plan myself...But I'm constantly doubting whether I'm eating too much or not etc. It just feels like way too much. But when I try to cut back, I have noticed that this can be a trigger for over-eating at dinner-time or on another day eventually but it happens! I'm feeling hungry now but I'm fighting the urge to snack, that's a slippery slope! I want to share my technique with you on how to stick more with the BFL eating plan, I hope it helps.... I try to give myself "treats" every-day that are still part of the programme. For example, in the mornings I have a myoplex 30 protein bar with coffee which I adore. In the evenings when I feel hungry I just remind myself of the delicious treat awaiting for me in the morning! lol. I also enjoy eating a burrito for a mid-meal with cottage cheese, salad and beans, salsa etc. But that usually feels like a normal lunch for me so then I try to cut back and eat a lower cal. second mid meal......! Then I drink betagen throughout the day, it's a really sweet drink. So I think all these artificial sweet tastes keep my sweet-tooth fairly satisfied....! I never thought I could trick myself in this way but I have!

    Have you measured your progress Chelsea? Hows your weigh-training? I'm planning to measure my progress by the end of the week...I'm so bad at that, procrastination....but I have set a time and day so I'm not going to forget or be too busy this time!!!

  • Galina - you really help keep me focused and feeling accountable. Granted, I haven't been doing as well as I should be but honestly if it weren't for you I would have completely quit by now!!!

    I'm been going through some health issues lately and am weaning off some serious medication which has been causing horrific headaches - so I haven't been able to work out much. I hate not going to the gym! Before I got my sinus infection I was doing SO WELL at the gym - I felt so strong and like a different person because I was going regularly and giving it my all - now I can't go very often until I get my health sorted. I go when I can and I do what I can.

    I definitely want to do another challenge - I am not even going to enter this one because I've lost so many weeks. That's a great tip - I try to do something similar - since my weakness is Mexican food, I try to put fresh salsa on loads of things I eat!

    Galina you've lost 5.4% body fat? That is absolutely fantastic - you are definitely going to meet your goal! I am so proud and happy for you.

  • Hey Chelsea, thank you very much for your kind words!  You help me keep accountable too.  :)

    Yeah, despite all the fine tuning I have been doing, all the questions I have had and the slip ups, I have definitely been steadily decreasing my body-fat throughout the challenge. One of my goals is to have a visible six-pack, and that's the one I am really focusing on this month as I think that's the hardest one of them all.  However given my goal of 17.6% body fat I am not sure if a six-pack is a viable additional goal. Given some research I have been doing, I think your body fat percentage is the determining factor for seeing a six-pack and I think it needs to be below 12% for men and I'm guessing something like below 15% for women.... But I didn't know that when setting my goals and I'm going to try as hard as I can anyway!

    Could you try doing some exercises from home? Resistance bands are a good option for doing resistance training....

    Keep up your good job of persevering!!! :D

  • Chelsea how have you been doing? Is your programe due to end before Christmas? 😁my next wk is my last, I can't wait till Christmas!

  • Hi Galina!

    So sorry I haven't posted in awhile. My program was due to end December 24th, I believe. I'm not looking at it that way at all since I had so many weeks with major setbacks. I am going to use BFL as a lifestyle.

    So - this week is your last week already?! So hard to believe and amazing to think about! Time has flown! How have you been doing? Do you notice physical results? :)

    Also, did you have a nice Thanksgiving now that you're living in the U.S.? :)