Anyone up for starting on 9/23?

  • OK, time to answer my own questions:

    How much weight would you like to lose? I would like to shoot for 25-30 lbs and 20% body fat.  That's a lot to lose in 12 weeks, but about 15lbs of it have just come on in the last 2 months.

    Do you have any other strength / performance goals? I'd like to run a 5k by the end of November (I had knee surgery in the spring and have been struggling to get back to running.

    What do you think will be the hardest part for you? Getting back on track with my eating and cutting out the drinking - I have been on one long binge since the beginning of August.

    What do you think will be the easiest? The weight training

    What behaviors are you going to need to change? I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in everything that is wrong with my life.

    What routines will you need to develop?  Prepping meals every night; regular grocery shopping

    What do you need support for from the group? Accountability - please nag me if I am not checking in regularly

    Are you going to do before/after pics or measurements? Wasn't sure about this one - I have plenty of bad, recent pics! - but decided to go for it.  I work at a gym, so I went in and did a bod pod tonight, and had one of my co-workers take pics.  Told him what I was doing and he decided to do it too.  Thinking I might actually enter the contest - did it in 2003 and got an honerable mention.

    Starting stats: 170.6 lbs; 34.1% body fat - will post pics once I upload them.  Helen

    Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! -Goethe-

    Discipline is remembering what you want :-)

  • cbells - the stricter you are on the nutrition, the better your results will be; HOWEVER, if you get too hung up on being strict, you may not stay with it.  I see no problem with doing the meals in Eating for Life.

    Are you sure that getting up at 5am to hit the gym is the way to go for you?  I love to exercise, but I hate to get up, and I don't have as good a workout when I do it in the morning.  I just worry that you might be setting yourself up for failure if you make it too hard for yourself (it sounds like it will already be a challenge because of your family's habits).  I love working out after work - it's a great way to get rid of the stress of the day!  Also, if the weather is nice, you could try doing some of your cardio outside.  Hill repeats are a great workout.

    Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! -Goethe-

    Discipline is remembering what you want :-)

  • Thank you, Helen. I appreciate your feedback.

    You are right, and I realize that and am prepared for it. I am waking up 30 mins earlier than necessary but only because this is my first time really doing the exercises and I know it will take me longer than 46 minutes in the morning. I have never worked out in the morning and would like to see how I do the first week. If I can't handle it, I will move my work outs to the evenings. I had a regular work out routine all summer and always worked out after work and got burnt out since I ended up having no time to do anything. My life was just work, work out and sleep. Unfortunately I go to bed early (9:30 - 10:00) no matter what time I get up in the morning. Sucks to NEED 9 hours of sleep to feel rested! (right now anyway)

    and yes I would love to do cardio outside but I live in Florida and despise the heat - so there aren't too many months I can exercise outdoors! (also, no hills!) :(

  • Hey There!  I will be starting tomorrow AM as well!  This will be my first attempt at this.  Will be great to have company...   I did the weeks worth of grocery shopping today.  That was new for me...  I think the hardest part of the challenge for me will be all of the Pre-Planning that goes into the meals.  I'm excited to get started!  4:30 AM will be here soon!  

  • Hi there all. I am from South Africa, so obviously the challenge is not available for me and my wife. What I would like to know, can someone pls tell me what equipment I need to get for this challenge? I cannot afford going to a gym, and will have to set up something at home...? We are extremely exited to get going, but have no clue how and where. And the diet.... :(

  • What a horrible start to the challenge for me!! I am hoping I will look back on this day and laugh in the future.

    1) I could not sleep last night. At all. Everything BFL was racing through my mind all night. 2) Alarm at 5 a.m. No problem getting up since I was already awake. Had a glass of water (mistake #1). Gym at 5:15. UBWO. Definitely hit a 10 on the shoulder work out!! Was very excited and proud. 3) After shoulders, things went downhill. I know how to breath properly but wasn't doing so (mistake #2). I pushed myself way too hard (mistake #3). Was shaking uncontrollably when all of a sudden I felt SO nauseous and almost had to run to the bathroom. I pushed through a bit more (I did a good bit of each UBWO) but was unable to do all reps and finish. Was feeling so disappointed.

    Went home and showered. Thought for sure I'd be feeling better... Nope. Felt MUCH worse. Could not eat a crumb for breakfast, too nauseous (and yes I am normally a big breakfast person). Laid down for a bit, got ready for work and got hit with another massive wave of nauseousness. I had to leave for work in 5mins and knew I couldn't go feeling like this without eating anything. Decided to call into work - told them the truth. Will go in once my stomach settles and I can eat. Luckily I am starting to feel better now (8:30). I feel so silly! Never thought I'd call into work due to a work out!!!

    I am aware of my mistakes and will make changes tomorrow. The reason drinking a full glass of water was a mistake is because I usually NEVER drink anything in the mornings (bad I know!) and my stomach isn't used to it plus I went straight to a rigorous work out. No sleep didn't help, out of my control though.

    2 questions: I am not able to follow the plan exactly as I should with the UBWO. The only dumb bells I can use at my gym are the 5 & 10 lbs. Is this normal & okay for a notsostrong female? Also, in the beginning is it normal & okay to not be able to do all reps? I felt guilty for even thinking that so I pushed too hard and do think I pushed too much.

    Phew! I think I'll be working out in the evenings from now on. I hope everyone had a better day 1 workout than I did!!

  • Hi all. I will join too. My first day today, and it has been a little hectic. been out of the training game for about 2 years. I had a baby and got a promotion at work, so this is going to be a true challenge.

    I will post some of my goals as well, and try to stay motivated today. One of my major goals though would be to get my pre-baby body back. Tall order, but I am willing to make this work.

    Thanks @Helen for starting this group, Just finished my first gym session, and it was a great feeling..


  • Just reporting in at the end of the first day (Europe)

    It went well!  Brought my gym clothes to work and stopped in the gym for a workout on the way home.  Today was lower body. (I'm actually on a workout plan that's different than body for life, which worked for me in the recent past.) I felt quite weak, as it has been a while since consistently hitting the gym, but that can sometimes be motivating. There was one weights exercise I couldn't manage at the end.

    Nutrition was great, which I wasn't expecting. I did have a coffee with a splash of milk in it, so there is room for improvement there.  I'm hoping I can keep it up. I think the first 2 weeks are the hardest, but I know everything will be better soon, including sleep and mood! Crazy! I don't remember the last time I've gone a day without reaching for sweets in the afternoon or after work.

    The good: positive mood

    The bad: should've done better cardio

    The ugly: i heart caffeine :):):):)

    cbells- take care! It will get better from here. Push hard and sweat for a higher heart rate, but if at first that many reps feels too hard, don't feel guilty!  Do a bit less for now. just make it your goal to do more reps each time you work out until you are fully on the plan.  it is my opinion that improvement is the goal here :)


  • Well, I am shocked and happy to report that it is only day 1 and I am already FEELING results!!! It is 2:50 p.m. and I have energy at work - this never happens at this time. Usually after lunch I crash and am absolutely miserable. I feel very awake and pretty energetic - which is incredible considering I didn't sleep last night and got up at 5 a.m. this morning!

    Thank you so much Jess :) I really appreciate it!! Sounds like you had a wonderful first day, so congrats! Where in Europe are you?


  • Hello everyone.  I just started my first real challenge last Monday.  There didn't seem to be too many people starting on that day, so I figured I would just butt my way into your thread since there is only a weeks difference.

    cbells, I understand your issues with morning workouts.  I did them for a while at the beginning of the year when training for a 5k obstacle course, and just got burnt out on them.  I'm bad about going to bed late, so getting up early made everything a little worse.  This time around I'm doing my exercises right after work, and while my evening are very busy with a wife and kids (soccer, homework, making dinner, cleaning, etc.) I find that it seems to be manageable.  The extra energy I get from my afternoon workouts really helps.

    I'm glad the workout gave you energy and allowed you to turn your day around!

  • SGerig - BflGalina started on the same day as you and she said she was going to join in on this thread as well :)

    Congratulations on completing your first week! Yes, I will be starting evenings today. I wish my schedule would allow me to do afternoons but the earliest I can get to the gym is 5:45. Oh well, could be worse!

    BflGalina - since we are moving our convo from a previous thread to this one - I can actually relate to you RE: work outs. I was only able to hit a high point on shoulders (the first muscles I worked) - it was all downhill from there. I think starting today I am going to decrease the reps and work up to hopefully being able to do all BFL reps that are recommended. I think it is very difficult for a female with not much upper arm strength!! There's definitely a difference between pushing through/working out hard vs. working out too hard. I've been doing some weight training all summer - not as serious as this program, though. And not too many free weights. My strength has improved a good bit since I started but still is nowhere near where it should be! We can do this! :)

  • So how was everyones first day?  I did awesome.  My eating was good, I went to the gym and I felt great!  Today is day 2 and I am doing great!  Food is good.  Today I will go for run after work.  Hope everyone else is doing as well as I am.  I am hoping to see some results after my first week.  It doesn't have to be huge, but it would be nice to see a few pounds gone!

  • Feeling bummed right now. I woke up with a headache this morning and I still have it :( This is nothing new for me, I suffer with migraines and chronic headaches but I was SO excited for cardio tonight - pumped to give it 100% and don't feel like I can push through too much with this headache.

  • Chelsea (and anyone else who is interested) - I'm in Budapest, Hungary! A lovely city if you ask me :). Hope that headache goes away soon!

    Day 2!

    the good: great eating. Sore legs >:) and a fine biceps/back/cardio day at the gym, too.

    the bad: had a coffee in the afternoon, but I think without it ...the gym wouldn't have happened. Also, I had some sort of allergic reaction today. I'll be monitoring that.

    the ugly:  I switched to a new gym for this challenge. It's basically a basement full of grunting body builders, which is both highly entertaining and mildly motivating.

    Off to sleep, nighty night! Wishing you all perfect day 3's!

  • Jess - I have a friend that lives in Budapest! He loves it!! I definitely want to visit, probably when I move back to Ireland! :)