day one

  • Hi

    I am new to this forum and I looking for some support to help me be successful on the body for life program.  Any suggestions or people who would like to support each other through this.


  • Colvergal,

    from all the reading that I have done, and people I have talked to, the biggest key to being successful is to follow the program as closely as possible.  It seems everybody wants to modify Body For Life in one way or another, and it's really not necessary.  Goals are also important.  If you get up every morning, and you look at those goals, it should help to motivate you to get through the day :)

  • I am just getting started myself and would love a buddy along the way.

    One thing I have decided to do is to take a few weeks to get used to meal plans, shopping and shopping lists, as well as preparing the meals in advance as well as the workout routines and journals. Once I have done that I plan to "officially start" on October 1. This way I have given myself a little time to work out my scheduling kinks and time management trials.

    I also agree with Colvergal and his suggestions. I will not attempt to "modify this at all and I plan to write and read those goals daily.

    Let's keep chatting.


    Boston, MA

  • Hi Colvergal, I'm new to this forum as well.  I used BFL about 8 years ago and had amazing results but "fell off the wagon" due to allowing myself to be distracted with work, home ect...  Over the years, I've tried other workout ideas but nothing has worked as well as BFL.  Now, I've gained my weight back and then some so I'm ready to get rid of the body fat.  I officially start on Sunday, 9/15, giving myself a few days to grocery shop, plan meals, set goals and print out the workout/meal plan and post it up to visualize it.  Life will throw curveballs at you so just if you fall off one day just regroup the next day.  I will try to visit this forum a few times a week so let's keep motivating each other.

    Good luck!

  • Congrats on staring the challenge.  I'm glad you're feeling great.  It's important to find a thread with several like minded people and get involved for support and swapping stories about your experiences.  I am part of a great group called the Cottage Cheese Club.  We're always willing to take in new people, and would be glad to have you and any other people looking for a place to put down roots.  Most of us are on our 3rd challenge of this year, so we have some useful information to share if/when you need it.

  • geolson68 hit it on the head.  Follow the original book.  Give it your best every day.  Get back up tomorrow and give it your best again.  You won't be perfect, but you want to start out each day with that as the goal.  The program works as written, eat clean, hit your 10's, and you won't be disappointed.

    Good luck!