Need some tips

  • A few months ago I was as heavy as 207 lbs and I'm only 5'10. I lost 22 lbs in the months that follow by dieting and exercise particularly boxing. Now I'm at 185 lbs. My goal weight is 175 lbs. I need to lose at least 5 lbs.(180) by the 2nd week of October because I registered for a runway modeling show. Any tips and suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance :)

  • So, have you been doing BFL at all to help lose the weight you've lost so far or just doing your own thing, centered on boxing?  What has your diet been thus far?  How many meals per day.  Are you following portion rule or counting calories?  My first thought is that it won't be as easy as it seems if you're only 10 pounds away from target weight, but I would put in heavy workouts, with HIIT cardio and eat 6 meals a day with no carb in my last meal of the day.


  • I just only started the BFL. 3 meals per day. Yes I count calories, my target for everyday is at most 1500 calories.

  • Eat your  wow 10lbs away and you want  5lbs in 2 weeks?  Hummmmmm.  Split those 1500 cals into 6 meals like Mike suggest and hit your workouts heavier.  You might want to add another 300 cals in your day to have the energy to do the workout load since splitting the cals into 6 meals.  You should then drop them like its

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  • I would follow the BFL plan with 3 workouts of weights and 3 workouts of HIIT.  For HIIT, I would start with a 5 minute jog or so and then go into 10, 30 second sprints (all out there's no tomorrow) followed by 30 seconds of walking, then repeating the whole thing.  Cool it down with another 5 minute walk/jog.  I know that's only 10 minutes of actual HIIT, but in the 10 minutes, you're reaching for a 10 every time.  Weights...go heavy!  Squat heavy weight.  Bench press heavy weight.  Shoulder presses.  Deadlifts.  Things that qualify as heavy lifts.  Yes, still do the others, but on body parts where you can go heavy...go heavy!  

    For diet, if you insist on sitting around 1500 calories a day (though that seems a little low to me for your bodyweight), I would split my meals into 5 meals at 300 calories a meal.  Protein, complex carb, and veggie...aka, skinless chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli.  I would stay away from bars, but not shakes.  I would definitely workout first thing in the morning, if at all possible, as I don't know if you'll have the required energy in the evening, due to the low calories.  Good luck!