Gained 3lbs in my 1st 3 Weeks?!

  • I'm just now finishing up my 3rd week on body for life and feeling slightly discouraged. I've noticed some changes in muscle definition but I've also noticed a 3lb gain on the scale. I started out weighing roughly 147lbs and this morning the scale announced that I have increased to 150.4. Is this typical for some people in the beginning? I'm a 5'4 female so 150 to me is frustrating. I know that I shouldn't worry about the scale because in the end its not the number that matters but right now I feel like im wearing a "fat" sweater that I just can't seem to shed yet. Ive increased my weight significantly pushing myself harder each time I work out coming from benching 80lbs on day 1 to benching 110 4 days ago so im super stoked about that and my cardio intensity is increasing every week as well. My eating habits are good not perfect but good. A typical day is 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg along with whole wheat toast and black coffee for breakfast, snacks are light yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, string cheese, apples, myoplex shakes, and protein bars, for lunch I typically eat a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with carrots or leftovers from dinner the evening before, dinner is usually half a chicken breast or lean ground beef or ground turkey with a plain baked potato and broccoli or green beans. I say my diet isn't perfect because sometimes I add a tablespoon of milk to my coffee and last night I had a glass of wine with dinner which I know is a big no no and I know I've had a few slip ups here and there like adding an extra snack to my day increasing my meals to 7 from 6. I have faith that this is going to work but I feel like maybe im doing something wrong or maybe its all in my head either way I know that somebody out there knows what im going through and hopefully can give me some words of wisdom. Thanks!
  • I'm no expert, but have lost 8 lbs in my first 10 days so I hope this helps.  Switch to Myoplex lite, switch to the lean 15 bars instead of myoplex bars, only drink wine on free day, do not have 7 meals...stick to 6, and only eat your lightest meal after the lowfat cottage chees with fat free yougurt.

    hope this helps

  • Remember that weight naturally fluctuates, and in some, as much as 5 pounds in one day.  It actually is normal to "gain" at first, and that's just your body not knowing what's up.  Just stick to plan.  I would ditch the string cheese, as that really has no benefit, and make sure you're careful about portions.  Also, the bars are just a bit better than candy.  I personally don't drink at all during contest, even on free day.  Just stick to it!!!

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  • Thanks so much for the tips, I think it will help tremendously to make those changes like ditching the string cheese and switching to the lean 15 and myoplex lite. I cut out the alcohol completely and managed to get through my free day without one drop of wine. After doing some reading I found that alcohol can screw up your metabolism for 2 days I'm not sure if that is true but it's enough to scare me away at least until my twelve weeks are up. I'm so thankful for your helpful replies, I will definitely follow through with the advice given!

  • You've got this!  You can absolutely do it.

    Alcohol... yes... it can "hold up" your metabolism for 2-3 days, and that's because it increases acetate in the liver.  I know several who swear that booze on free day really killed their contest.  

    Lead 15 is a great choice, and do check out Myoplex Strength, which is a complete meal, and portable.  

    Again.... YOU CAN DO THIS

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!