Help with Snacks

  • Starting BFL tomorrow, and I'm so excited!  I have a question about snacks...the sample menu gives only bars and shakes as the snack option, what other bars can we substitute for the Myoplex bars?  and can I use a protein/carb combo as the snacks if I don't want to do a shake or bar?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!


  • Congratulations on making the leap into BFL.  Stick with the program, and you will see the results you want.

    In regards to your question, don't necessarily think of it as a snack, but a mid-meal.  In all reality, it should be one of your 6 meals for the day, and not a snack.  So, you don't have to have a bar or shake, but you can replace it with a portion of protein and a portion of a carb, and that's a mid-meal.  The book and everyone else talks so much of bars and shakes because of how our society runs.  We run off a 3 meal system.  You go to work, you get a lunch break.  You don't get mid-meal breaks.  Also, they're a lot easier to just grab and go back to work, or have at your desk while you're working, rather than taking the time to heat it up, or stop everything to get out utensils and eat your meal.  A good thing I use is fruit for a carb.  It's not the best carb, as most fruits are simple carbs, but I look at fruit a little differently than other carbs.  Fruit is one of the things that is grown from the land, and our bodies are meant to consume them.  They're good for our bodies.  Same with vegetables, but they're not necessarily simple carbs.  I always find protein harder to find in something that's quick and on the go, which is why I use protein bars, or meal replacement bars (Myoplex bars).  But, you can eat anything you really want during these meals.  If you want a breakfast item for dinner...go for it.  No one said you had to follow the rules of normalcy.  :)  Good luck!


  • What w\Mike said.  I myself eat 4-5 complete meals through the day and have 1 - 2 shakes for my snack..per say.

    I workout twice a day so I need the extra fuel.

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  • Think of it instead as 6 meals per day.  

    Fruit is a great carb, despite being a simple one.  Sometimes a simple carb is preferable, like post workout, or for your last meal.  

    I would stay away from bars altogether.  They really aren't much better than candy.  Shakes... now shakes are an awesome tool.  

    The plan is 6 meals per day and working out once.  I would stick to the plan through an entire challenge before modifying.  

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  • Yeah, I generally only had bars for emergencies if I knew I was going to be "on the go" and not have options. If I did a shake, which was a weight day staple, I would almost always get protein powder and mix that in a shaker bottle with water or nonfat milk, vs the pre-mixed shakes.

    Some other examples of meals would be plain nonfat Greek yogurt and a piece of fruit, a can of tuna and whole grain crackers, a salad with chicken breast and 1/2 piece of wheat pita... you get the idea. Like Jessica and others said, think of it less as a snack and more as a meal. The ones I suggested can be pulled out of a fridge or insulated bag and eaten easily. Try some trial-and-error and see if other options might work.

  • Here's some of my favorite mid meal options:

    Meat/cheese rolls/fruit

    Cottage cheese/triscuit

    Boiled egg/orange slices

    Myoplex bars

    Ostrige jerkey/apple slices



    Tuna fish in cucumber bowls/fruit

    Plain Greek yogurt/berries


    When I chose a Myoplex bar, I only eat 1/2 of it because it tastes so sweet. Good luck! This challenge is amazing

  • Thank you for all of the information!  I go to a Crossfit gym, and I try to go at least 4 days a week, if not 5 days.  The exercise part will be easy :)  I'm just worried about getting the right combination of protein and carbs.  I'm so use to carbs being a NO NO food, so wrapping my mind around this idea is difficult.  

  • Katie - You would especially need carbs for CrossFit!  Just remember, though, that if doing CrossFit, you're not doing BFL, which is perfectly okay, but the plan is meant in whole, not part.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!