Body For Life iPhone/iPad app

  • Hi all,

    I have a question.  I'm a big apple fan (macbook, iphone, and ipad) and I have noticed that the iPhone/iPad BFL app has been "coming soon" for quite some time now.  Being a software IT guy, I understand that development/testing takes time, but it seems to be taking an AWFUL long time.

    The Google version of the App is already out, so I'd like to (respectfully) ask what the delay is on the iPhone counterpart?

    I feel kinda silly sometimes taking my BFL Journal into the gym I work out at.  I know that's my issue, but it would be SUPER NICE to bring ONLY my iPhone in the gym, and enter my data into the app (and listen to music at the same time).

    Any ETA?

    Love you folks!


    Derek Megyesi

    Specialist - Business Systems

    Life Change Motivator :)

  • Yes! Me too!!!

  • We have submitted the Body-for-Life app to Apple and it is currently pending their approval process. We hope to have it launched soon in the App Store, and we will have a notification sent out when this does occur. We appreciate your patience as well as your support for Body-for-Life! ~BFLTeam

  • Please get the App approved for both the iPhone and iPad. Thanks.

  • YES! I'm dying for an iPhone app. There's a good app out there already that has a similar approach to BFL - it's called 12 Week Fitness... but I hope that the BFL official one will integrate the cardio interval training a bit better - like having the time as well as the interval you're supposed to be hitting. I always lose track. And I hope it is able to access your iTunes (like on the couch-to-5K app)... that would be awesome. Hope everyone's having a good day and going to hit the gym.

  • modemmex,

    Developing the iPhone/iPad app was a more complex process than the Android app, especially when Apple updated their Developer Requirements. We also learned of a few issues with the Android app that necessitated some adjustments with our specs to make sure that everything works well when we do launch. We are in the final stages and hope to have it approved by Apple by the end of 2013.

    Thanks for your patience and we will be sure to share your thoughts with our team!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL team

  • Get it out NOW!! haha...It will save me a lot of paper AND ink!

  • Hey EAS!  It's the new year now...when is the iPhone app coming out?!

  • Hi this has been over a year now, do we have date yet? Cheers Eric

  • Kilamneevan and Ericthered - We are in the final stages and hope to have the app available soon! We really appreciate everyone's patience! We know it has been a long time coming, but the end is in sight!

    ~Danielle, the BFL Team

  • When is soon?  There are several note strings on the same topic that all have been saying soon. Not to complain but the responses in Jan 2013 said soon. Been looking at other apps,but none seem to really fit BFL.

  • Yes what greck said! I am eagerly awaiting this app. I've downloaded other apps but they aren't tailored toward BFL. This app would eliminate the need to carry around a notebook. Please send us email notifications or something to let us know when it's available. Thanks!

  • We know everyone is patiently waiting for the app and we apologize for the delays. We are working really hard to have it available for download soon!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • Hi Tiffany,

    I have been eagerly waiting just like the other members for the app. as per previous threads it would have been available end december 2013. We are into the third month of 2014?

    Is a specific date a possibility? From my side I don't mind paying for the app. Then at least I know it will get updated every once in a while. I have also been waiting for more than a year now!!! Ive downloaded many training apps but none are tailored for BFL......

    Waiting in anticipation.....

    kind regards

    Chris Schutte


  • March, 2014, any news? I also looked up the Android version and it appears it's disappointing. The vast majority of reviews are negative and that it is freezing up on the start screen, making it unusable.