• Day 6 and feeling great.  this is the first time in a long time that I have workd out 6 days in a row.

      I read alot of these posts and I see that many of them cease to exsist after the first two weeks.  I'm hoping that this does'nt mean that these challengers quit.  I'd hate to think that statistically the odds are that high against me finishing.  I'm hoping to feel the same intensity in 4 weeks that I do now.  

    The hardest time for me is evenings.  I'd rather have some popcorn or pretzels and a beer than the low-fat cottage cheese and bannana that has become my evening snack, but wow are the mornings exciting.  Not wakeing up bloated and tired from a poor diet, knowing I'm gonna hit the weights or cardio hard as I can to make this challenge work.    

    Even if you all get tired of hearing from me every day, I hope to be posting here well past the two week mark.

  • pennyready- Congrats on making it 6 days into the challenge.  I'm glad you're feeling great.  Unfortunatly I believe the ratio of people that start the program is far greater than those who actually complete it.  It's important to find a thread with several like minded people and get involved for support and swapping stories about your experiences.  I am part of a great group called the Cottage Cheese Club.  We're always willing to take in new people, and would be glad to have you and any other people looking for a place to put down roots.  Most of us are on our 3rd challenge of this year, so we have some useful information to share if/when you need it.

  • Here's a link to our thread:

  • Thanks j_gilmer1979

    I appreciate that.  I don't want to lose motivation.  I "email subscribed"  so I hope that works.  I'll look forward to staying positive with you all