Just Want to be Fit...Not Lose Weight

  • Hello everyone, I've recently started the Body for Life 12 week challenge and looking forward to seeing it through to the end and beyond . I have a concern however, it seems the program is designed for people wanting to lose some weight, and I don't want that. If anything, I'd like to gain some but in muscle of course. Does anyone have advice or a revised meal plan for the program that takes this into consideration?

  • I don't consider BFL to be a weight loss program, but a fitness lifestyle.  I believe by following the portion rule and the fitness aspect of the program, your body will find the weight it's supposed to be at, in order to live a healthy lifestyle.  There have been many people in the past who have used the program to build a stronger body, and put on weight.  In order to add weight, you're going to have to up your daily calorie intake.  I've never given this much thought of how I would do it, as it's never been a goal for me.  However, I would assume you want to eat more in your portions, both protein and carbs.  Maybe add a 7th meal in, and maybe not do as much cardio (1 or 2 days instead of 3).  Best of luck!


  • What ^^^^Mike said ^^^^  If you look at past winners, you will see that some gained in the muscle department.  So it can work both ways.  To gain weight you need to look at how your are going to exercise and also food intake.  If you want to get big, you have to Eat big.  That means to add more calories in the day.  Like Mike said....add a 7th meal or you can just add another 100 - 200 calories to your meals. But you will then have to count calories, which is what most of the people here does not do....lol.  It portion size related.  

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  • Thanks friends, that's pretty much what I was hopin' to hear. Makes perfect sense. Your replies are appreciated.


  • Glad we could help....keep the questions coming in...someone here can answer them...we all have SOME knowledge of SOME things...lol

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • There was a past winner that had the same starting and ending weight... precisely.  He changed his body.  It's not about weight loss necessarily.  What the plan calls for is adding an additional carb to each of your 1st 3 meals once you've hit goal weight.  Stick to the plan instead of modifying things like your workout plan.  The book mentions the additional carb portions in the FAQ section.  

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