Attempt #10 at actually completing Body For Life

  • Hi everyone,

    Well, this is my #10 attempt at actually completing my Body For Life challenge.  The best I've ever done was get up to week 8.  It seem to burn out or loose interest after that.

    Upon looking at my Before pictures, I REALLY need to do this.  I've looked at and considered other fitness programs (xTreme, P90X, etc.), but I still feel that BFL is the best program with the best forum (and the best loving people).

    Folks, I REALLY want to do this and will need your help to push me.

    Best! (excited as heck now too!) :)

    Your BFL friend,


    Derek Megyesi

    Specialist - Business Systems

    Life Change Motivator :)

  • We will support you all the way Derek, but you need to find it within yourself to finish a challenge.  Truly think about why you want to do it, and revisit those thoughts every day!  It's easy to get all motivated in the first few weeks, but it's the mid-weeks when things die down, and you really have to dig deep to find a reason to keep going.  That's when the new fad has worn off and you start to make it a lifestyle.  It's hard...very hard.  I took my kids to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday night...the day before my free day, and served pieces of sausage pizza on their plates.  Touched it with my hand.  Could've ate a piece, since Sunday was my free day.  Opted not to, because it wasn't my free day.  Heck, could've at least licked the grease and the little bit of sauce off my fingers, but still chose to wipe it off with a napkin instead.  It's a choice I made.  Yesterday was my free day, and I ate like a crazy man, but that's okay, it was my free day.  Today and the rest of the's healthy choices.  No cheating.  Get in the gym every morning, do my business, and move on with my day.  I just began Week 9 of my 3rd challenge of the year, and I finally believe that this is a lifestyle for me.  Have to make the choice to "Cross the Abyss" yourself, and then you have to find reasons to stay on the other side, rather than crossing back over to the side we all know too well.  Good luck!


  • Hi Derek,

    10th time is the charm ;-)  You can do it man.  Stick with it this time.  It's only day 5 for me so we can all do this together.  It's big holidays to derail us. You'll blink and Thanksgiving will be here and  you will have completed the program!  

    I keep mentally putting myself at the family Thanksgiving day table.  Do I wanna be confident and proud while answering questions from my friends and family about how I got myself into such good shape, or do I want to be avoiding everybody cause I'm so self conscious  about how much I let myself go?

    You know the answer.  Good luck

  • Derek- What are some specific reasons that you have given up in the past?  Don't think of this as a 12 week program.  You need to consider this a lifestyle change.  If you don't think of it as a lifestyle change then after the 12 weeks are over you might go back to what you were doing before.  I've had this same problem of thinking that way in the past, but I'm about 1/4 of the way finished with my 3rd challenge of the year right now.  I've fixed the way I think about it and am making consistant progress.  Good luck!

  • I have tried most of them and I still came back to BFL.  It helped me cause confusion to my muscles. I am now on another journey of my fittness, which seems to cause a black my threads, cause it is not BFL.  I don't care!!  I am trying to keep fit and stay healthy.  You have to do it for you!  We all are here to motivate, but words can only go so far, you still have to motivate yourself!  Good Luck and keep posting!!  You 've GOT THIS!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Greetings Derek,   I believe and we all believe that you CAN finish your BFL Challenge this time around. Be sure to plan, stick to the BFL guidlines as best as you possibly can (there are always times that is tough or impossible often due to the unforseen that occurs) and be sure to enjoy but be careful with your Free days especially near the end of the program. Hang in there and be sure to ask us all for help and guidance when you need it. Keep Moving Forward and you WILL succeed. (and if you faulter then get right back on that horse and ride again). Keep that gal that finished the swim from Cuba in mind, she said today "Don't let anyone tell you that something is impossible" took her 4 trys but she did it!!!!

  • Thanks everyone :)  I appreciate it!!!

    Derek Megyesi

    Specialist - Business Systems

    Life Change Motivator :)