Gather here faithful GBers-1 post thread

  • TEEHEE! Looky at ME! I came here thinking how much I still get lost here..miss the old site, the running jokes, commentaries,meltdowns only a memory, streaming conversations not getting lost by following another "thread", the superhero names, BFLMIKE calling someone to the mat, clash of theories, or someone upset because they didnt win for their category, etc! ANyway, here i am giving it another go! Thinking I'm sneaking in while everyone's in TN! In Day Four now...this is the easiest part!

  • I see you Trudy. :)

    Welcome back to the playground. We've missed you. :)

    Hugs for your day all - the energy here is fabulous. Will share it all when we are home.

  • Ugh...I just remebered how easy it is to "run out of opportunity" to w/o properly on w/ends! I'm in day five and not doing it perfectly but I needed a new hobby and BFL seemed like a GREAT choice again!  There are only 12 weeks between Thanksgiving and I get my head in a brighter more positive place NOW!  LAst go I had at this I got bogged down with no loss on the scale and then couldnt see any progress BECAUSE i was so preoccupied with no scale loss. I have my measurements written down in permanant marker directly ON my bedroom mirror.

  • There we go Trudy, thats the trudy we know going for that gold, I have my measurements also down but not on the mirror in permanant marker just in my BFL book in permanant pen, LOL Now you will have to stay away from the scales this time. and do the 12 weeks first and then go on the scale and see how you did.Just look in that big mirror and see all the good things you are doing for yourself,and your family that you love so much. They will thankyou for taking care of yourself..    :-)

  • ;-) thanks anne...and i got backup close by for a constant reminder

  • LOL  :-) Yes you do girl. Did LBw/o this am, I hope U did it also. :-)

  • ACK! going to do it now...I slept in then my Momma arrived from out of town (apparently she told me she was coming but I misunderstood!) Anyway....visited her all day. Now fast forward to 8.52pm and I'm on my way to do it! (and the worst is that LB is my least favorite and this being my first one in a while it'll take longer!) Oh well ((((((shrug)))))) with only 17 LBWO's  left to do guess I better get at it and whittle it down to 16.

  • Good to hear that your on it Trudy, ( So it was Monday yesterday Thanksgiving and I did my LBWO's and today was my HIIT ) Got it done. ( I'm not sure yet what is my least favorite on BFL ~ but I do like doing my ABS because thats where I need to lose the most off of my body. NO legs ~no butt ~ most definitely not my chest as David said can't have that....LOL . Everyone have a great day now won't ya!!!!   :-)

  • Did some cardio this morning with my daughter Tea-bo workout; she did a good job on it. then I did my LBWO after that. Had a great morning !!!!! On with our day, me and my little girl.!!!

  • Hello my favorite Canadians! Keep up the great work, support and strength you are giving to one another. Blessings to you both! xxoo

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