Question about work out schedule

  • Hello,

    I plan to start my challenge Monday 8/26/2013. I already work out 5-6 days a week, mostly cardio. I take Jazzercise class Mon and Wed evening and Sat & Sunday mornings. Its a 45 min cardio class with 15 min strength training.

    I know I could change the schedule around and do weights Tues, Thurs, Sat however I know myself and I'll skip Saturdays.

    What are your thoughts on doing weights in the mornings on Mon, Wed, Fri and still doing Jazzercise Mon and Wed nights? Should I still do cardio again on Tues and Thurs? I dont want to over do. Or should I do my Jazzercise Mon & Wed and do weights Tues, Thurs, Fri? I guess back to back days wouldn't be as bad because it'd be 2 different muscle groups.



  • I do the split days and it works for me.  It is a trial and error try and see!

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  • The HIIT cardio is scientific, and although there's nothing wrong with Jazzercise, it's not the plan.  I don't think it's trial and error for the contest, because the plan isn't built like that.  After... yes.  It's not BFL exact or nothing, but if you don't follow BFL, then you really don't know how it works with you.

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