started my challenge on 8/19/13!:)

  • It is only the 2nd day and my upperbody feels like it was hit by a mack truck! Hahaha can't wait to even that feeling out in the morning with the lower body workout!
  • Me too - started on Monday 19th

    We finish a week before the largest Motorcycle show in the uk - in mthe NEC in November  and I have promised myself a new set of leathers - ones that fit properly!

    One of the biggest issues I have is that I find excercise crushingly boring - I have a very active mind. So I spent a lot of time thinking about how I can counter this. Ive used personal trainers in the past to assist with recovery from injury, but a PT is not going to be an option long term.

    So I found Mixed Martial Arts training. There is a local MMA gym that does foundation courses - so I tried it out on Monday. I asolutely loved it. I've never lifted a boxing glove before, so it came as a huge suprise that I really enjoyed it.  It's really hard work - I couldn't make it through the warmup completely! But the pad work and grappling excises were really difficult ( great excercise) and I was 100 percent mentally engaged. Result. I cannot wait for next Monday.

    And boy - am I aching now!

    I mis-planned Tuesdays excercise - so didn't get to do my cardio - I got held up in work, and then had a parish council meeting ( that wasn't in my diary - doh) - I need to plan this slightly better.

    But my eating plan is in place and working.

    My biggest issue is that I have zero willpower - if I'm hungry, I'll eat - anything.

    So as long as I have healthy options available, I have a good chance.

    The canteen cannot be relied on to have healthy choices, so I have shakes etc on standby.

    Breakfast is easy - I have it at home, egg on toast with tomato ( or similar) .

    I have a meal replacement shake specifically designed to replace breakfast, just in case I miss it ( or decide to get my excercise in before breakfast)

    Mid morning - a meal bar or shake,

    Lunch is harder, but between the canteen and my shakes, I think I'll manage - for example...

    Monday main meal was a delicious char grilled chicken and rice with salad.

    The portion was large, so I split it between two meals - bargain!

    Yesterday was a poor choice ( something fried - I didnt find out what!) so I had a protein shake and a delicious artichoke salad.

    Afternoon - another meal bar or shake.

    Evening, I'll make something at home - which I really enjoy.

    And a snack later ( yogurt and cott. Cheese.)

    Sorry to witter on - I find this quite exciting, and need to write it down somewhere.