Saving time in the kitchen

  • I, like so many, have a hectic schedule between being a full time student, work full time and being mom so I am unable to spend much time in the kitchen.  There are four days each week that I leave the house early to go to school and am not home until after work at 11 pm. Please share with me some tips and tricks to reduce as much time in the kitchen as possible. What meals are most portable. During the day at school I do not have access to a microwave which may prove to be problematic.

    thanks for any advice you can share


  • Hummmm...yours is you have access to a refridgerator?  make hardboild eggs, can take cottage cheese, peanut butter celery sticks, almonds, fresh veggies up the ying yang, certain fruits are good to take.  look at the book with the list of carbs, fat, protein and pick and choose.  all the things I have listed takes minutes to prep.  and you can get them ready before you go to bed.

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  • Trader Joe's and Whole Foods sell different sized lunch bags and larger bags to keep your food cold. You can also pack an "ice pack" sold at most supermarkets. I like to carry envelopes of tuna and two slices of whole wheat bread in a zip lock bag. 1 envelope and 1 slice of bread is good for 1 feeding. Also small greek yogurts with a handful of berries in a zip lock bag is a good snack too.

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