My BFL Challenge 8/12/2013

  • Yesterday I upped my cardio speed slightly more. I also jogged another mile after the HIIT workout. Felt great.  I now have gone 3 1/2 weeks with NO SUGAR!! ☺ Didn't have a ton of time to eat today as I have family in town, kids starting school, and work but here's what I did:

    Whey Protein with spinach, strawberries, blueberries, water, flax seed

    Deli Turkey And triscuits

    Myoplex bar and grapes

    4 mini wonton tacos with a few roasted red potatoes

    I should have eaten more veggies after looking at this! Will do better tomorrow!

  • Thank you for the support.  I hit cardio last night and woke up at 5 am and got my Upper Body in today.  It was actually motivating, because I moved my weights up and it felt GREAT.  I was very surpised that I am lifting more than before the bad weekend.  Great day eating yesterday, and a healthy breakfast/lunch packed today.  Back on the horse!

  • Way to go Mongo! Keep that motivation going.  Today was a good day for me also. Had a great UBWO. Tried some different exercises and I will definitely be feeling it tomorrow! Food:

    2 egg whites, 1turkey sausage, 1 whole wheat bread, sprinkle of cheese

    Turkey and triscuits

    Lean cuisine (chicken, red potatoes, broccoli)

    Myoplex bar

    Tuna (no mayo) on spinach with vinegrette and grapes

    Going to run again tomorrow on treadmill. I'd like to do a spin class but I think I will save that for sat. Have a good one all!

  • Killed my cardio today! Ran on treadmill and finished with the fastest/hardest 10 yet...a 9.0 MPH! I walke a few minutes then decided to tack on an extra mile of nonstop jogging ust for fun. ☺ ate well today. Gonna have to skip out on dinner I made for the family an eat a tuna/avocado sandwich of my favs!

  • Wow, Shayla that is some hard cardio! I am impressed. You still working BFL? I have been AWOL. We are fixing our old barn, putting on new siding where it needs it, putting new trim on windows and doors etc.. and then a new coat of paint. Winter is coming so we are working hard on that in all our spare time. I am still doing BFL. I have lost 8 pounds thus far. I am doing kettlebells in my garage and long walks on cardio days. (Kettlebells are killer HIIT) I have turned my diet around and am on track there too. I hope you all are still here and on track. Fall is coming and I want to wear my jeans that I grew out of this summer!!


  • Hey Val! I thought everyone had fallen off the plan so I have since joined the Cottage Cheese Clubs forum.  I am still here and going strong!  Great job on your 8 lbs!!!  That's awesome. I have lost 6.2 so far. I don't see huge changes yet but I know I will so i am excited to be able to wear my jeans too! I have grown out of most of them and i refuse to buy the next size!  I can't wait to also see definition all over! I'm seeing little bits but hey, we're only on week 5.  I hear ya on the home improvements.  We own a window and siding company here in VA and we are just now doing our home after living here for 4 years!  Since August we have built a new Florida room, deck, gazebo, new roof, windows, siding and doors with some extra framing on the front of the home that extends the front porch slightly.  After that we will have lots of drywall and painting so I totally get ya there! Hang in there girlie, we can do this!!!