Any body in Arizona doing this

  • I am 34years old mother of a 18yr old daughter and a wife at the a caregiver an i live in phoenix arizona. I work out at fitnessworks... I way 263lb and 5'7... Any ideas or advise
  • I am in Casa Grande, Arizona. 31, mom of a 5 year old girl and step mom to 3, 5'3 and approx. 140 pounds.

    Advice? Read the book, follow the plan, and stick with it! Don't give up! You will feel so good and proud of yourself if you push through the whole 12 weeks. I am officially halfway there. Tomorrow is day one of week 7 for me!

    Good luck to you, I wish you all the best. Anytime you are feeling discouraged, come to this forum and check out some of the before and after photos. This program will give you amazing results, so don't give up! :)

  • I live in Arizona.  Sending you a private message!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi did great I mean you looked nice before but wow...good job...

  • anybody still doing the BFL? I live in  Chandler Arizona