Australian Body for Life Challenge - Starting August 12.

  • Hey everyone,

    My name's Tom, I'm 31 years old, and I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. It's a Sunday afternoon over here, and tomorrow I'm going to get out of bed, take my pre-workout supplement, and then head straight to the gym to get Day 1 of the Body for Life challenge started. 

    I'm the kind of guy who really, really wants to get in shape - finally! - and then talks himself out of it. Just one more day out of the gym, because there's so much to do. Just one more little snack, because I can start a proper diet tomorrow. Maybe I'll just do half a session today, because the gym's pretty crowded. 

    And you know, I'm really sick of it. I'm sick of feeling lazy, I'm sick of feeling like I'm stacking weight on, I'm sick of feeling unmotivated. And so I want to try, really hard, to make the Challenge work. I've read the book about three times over, I've got my meal plan for the week all written out, I've got all my supplements stacked out neatly so I can grab them and go whenever I need. 

    And, I have to say, I'm a little bit apprehensive. I'm worried that I won't try hard enough, or that I won't push myself enough to see results... so I'm going to do my best to check into the forums and learn from everyone else and support everyone in their own journey through the Challenge. 

    So... hello to everyone, and, wish me luck! I'll load a photo later on today and be sure to keep everyone updated with my progress. 

    All the best,


  • Hi Tom, good seem to have your head together so you farther along them and I started the gym 7/19, but the challange I started the 8/3..getting to the gym is hard as I am a caregiver and work god offle crazy hours and just try to make it home to sleep just to wake up and go back to work, bad excuses on my part cause when I go to the gym I feel amazing, the food area is hard also cause I have a budget of $40 a week for a family of I am cutting portions and adding healthier additions and snacks too...every day I may not get to the gym, but I make another change in my day to add to a better me walking the mall or farther in a parking lot or doing the squats to adjust my patients or calf raises while doing dishes....look at every day as a new day because every day is a step to a new you.....

  • Hi Lovemelotz, thank you for the well wishes.

    Wow, it sounds like you're pretty dedicated to seeing it through - and I hear nutrition is most of the battle so best of luck! If you're starting on Monday like me let's keep each other motivated for the next twelve weeks!

  • Sounds great and thanks it will be good to have someone to share the ups and downs with...

  • Good luck Tom, you can do this!  Just remind yourself that you're working this hard because you choose to.  The program works, just do your best.

    And GO BOMBERS!  Tough last few weeks for this Essendon Footy fan (and tough year all around for Bomber fans) but I'm hoping we can turn things around.

  • Thanks Dave! Great to have the support. And sorry, but I'm a Geelong man from way back - man, the Bombers are doing it tough at the moment; hope to see you at the GF!

    So Day One is down... and I woke up some soooooore triceps this morning...

  • I'd love to see you at the GF Tom, but it's not looking likely for us.  This has become our annual end-of-year collapse.  I wish the ruling would come down on the supplement issue so the boys can concentrate on Football.  I'm not giving up though.  We've overcome a lot already this season, still time to right the ship.  You guys look strong as usual, although Hawkins back issues would worry me a little.

    Anyway, best of luck with the Footy and with BFL!  Believe in the program and just keep working hard.  You'll love the results.

  • Looks like ASADA might finally be getting around to it...

  • Oof! Day Two down and done... I haven't been on a bicycle for years and I'm feeling every muscle in my legs right now...