Starting a new B4L Challenge today 8/5/2013!

  • Hello B4L Community,

    I tried to enter a challenge last year almost right around this same time in august, but in the end I allowed life struggles to take away my opportunity for success.  I decided to try again this year to finally make the changes I have desired year after year.  I just want to live a healthy life.  I'm 33 years old, 6ft at 280lbs.  My wife and I want children, but how can I take care of children if I can't take care of myself?  That's why i'm here, to change my direction in life.

    Thank you for any support you may offer...I always appreciate encouragement from others on the same journey.

  • Welcome! How did your first day go?:)

    My fiance and I are doing this together. He's 35 and I'm 31. Our wedding is next June, and I think we're going to start trying for children right away. I get what you're saying about taking care of children and taking care of yourself. I could stand to lose 30 pounds, and my fiance could probably stand to lose 100. i think he's a little under 6 feet and 350 pounds. It will be a lot easier to run around after toddlers if we have the energy and strong bodies to do so. Not to mention we'll set a good example for our kids.

    Growing up, I always remember my mother as obese. When I was a small child, she was maybe 230 pounds. By the time I was a teenager, she weighed 420 pounds. In my mind, I remember her as a big blob during this time, just a big round ball of a person, really. Then she had gastric bypass, lost a hundred pounds, ate like crazy, blew out her stitches, gained all the weight back, had a second gastric bypass against medical advice, and now she eats mostly out of a feeding tube.

    That is a perfect illustration of how NOT to set a good example for your children. I don't want that to be me.

  • Welcome back to the BFL Challenge and Forum,  It's great to have you back again.  Best wishes on your new Challenge (remember why we call them challenges, but also remember that ALL Challenges are triumphs when we meet them head on and perservere). You have some fantastic motivation, as I realized in my last Challenge (ended 1 Jul this year), when a health issue occured with a family member,  we do need to be there for them in the future so taking care of YOU is a definate priority if you want to help THEM. Way to Go and Keep Moving Forward to y'all. !!

  • Nail it ferg!   Get the body and life you want and deserve.   Dealing with a few life struggles of my own as I started on 7/22 and they have complicated things.  They have slowed my progress.  But I have come to the conculsion that if I wait or the perfect time to do this, that it will never happen.  So lots of luck, stay positive and if there is a setback, see it for just that, a setback - isolated setback - not the end of the process.