A brand new jenna 8/4/13

  • Whoohoo...i finished my workout... 5min bike, all my lower & upper body weights and finished it off with 15min on treadmill... was bad though had a piece of my daughters graduation cake...bad choice
  • Hey there! Don't fret about the cake, just forget about it and move on! I try to remember that the important thing is *progress* not *perfection*! I get better at this new lifestyle every day, and so will you. Good luck with your challenge and be proud of your workout. The first step is the most difficult to take.

  • Thanks I am taking things a day at a time...i love feed back and tips or ideas

  • Wednesday I did my cardio by power walking at the arrowhead mall with hubby and last night before going to my clients I did all of my lower body workout plus abs.... Im proud of me...but I need to bring it up a notch..

  • Went to the gym yesterday did abs, cardio and lower body workouts...today I slept bad me...tomorrow my goal is to do my abs then show my hubby how to work out in the pool..