Is Work out necessary....

  • for weight loss?
    I am asking this on behalf of a friend who can't go to the gym and has NO time to hit her 10's every morning between housework and kids.
    If she just does the eating part, will the weight come off?  She doesn't want to be "buff", just skinnier.... 

  • If all you do is proper eating, which is good, your body will begin to store certain fat.  Which in part kinda means that she will lose "SOME" weight, but then begin to slowly put it back on.  You have to exercise and eat right to see "LASTING" results.  This is called Body for LIFE for that reason. You learn to take on the challenges in your life and adapt them.  She might have to learn to get up an hour earlier to workout and maybe go to be, to get the proper rest, sooner.  Muscle is what burns fat...The more tone and lean she gets, the more fat she will burn.

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  • The Body For Life workouts can really work with having kids. I have 3 children 5 and under and I work out first thing in the morning like around 5:30 or 6. At first the kids werent use to it but now they know what to expect. And at most Im done by 7 if its a strength training day. Just wanted to let you know if you want to pass that along. But I know there are different seasons in a mothers life and she just might not be in "that" season right now.

  • Eating properly is 80-90% of the effort so she can definitely lose weight by following the eating plan.  For many americans that means cutting out sodas and fast food which has a huge impact on weight.  The key is to ensure that she has a caloric deficit. The body burns much more in calories for basal metabolism (normal resting function) than exercise so as long as your caloric intake is less than basal metabolism you will lose weight. Having said that weight lifting will increase your basal metabolism by increasing lean mass.  HIIT training will accelerate fat loss by burning it quicker.

    Don't get me wrong I fully recommend doing the whole BFL program (eating and exercise) because its a comprehensive program but eating well is certainly better than doing nothing at all.

  • Working out is necessary if you want to change your body shape, in addition to losing the weight.  It also assists the weight loss.  Muscle is metabolic, which is a fancy way of saying it burns calories even when your doing inactive things, like watching TV, typing on computer, reading a book.  I lost about 45 lb before my 1st challenge, but  shape went from a large pear to a smaller pear.  It was only once I did the challenge that the shape changed, the muscles became defined, and I my weight came down about another 20 lbs.  It also helps very much with being able to stay active as we age, for travel.  Recently I climbed some hills in Ireland to access some caves to explore, and found it was easy for me, but challenging for the others in the group.   By the way, before I did my first challenge I read every chapter of the book, and Bill has very thorough explanations of these points.

    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • My wife has lost a considerable amount of weight with just the eating portion of the program, and she doesn't even follow it completely (I would like to see her eat more than what she is eating...of course, I'd love for her to do the workouts too, but I'm not pushing her...I want her to do it for herself, not me).  In addition to weight, she had very high cholesterol, and that has been cut in half since she started eating the foods I eat.  So, she's no longer at risk for high cholesterol.  So yes, the eating is a very important part of the program, and definitely would benefit your friend, if that all she chose to do.


  • Well, of course, we're all striving for both the eating and the workouts...but really, chances are pretty good that following the BFL eating philosophy is better, possibly WAY better, than what she is currently eating.

    If she sees results just from cleaning up her eating, she may over time surprise herself by finding time to squeeze in a work out here and there. Seeing some weight loss may motivate her even further, which will beget more weight loss, which will beget more effort on her part, etc.

    I would hate to discourage her by saying "No, you MUST do the workouts" if this is someone who is currently stuffing her face with doughnuts and huge plates of pasta every night, you know? It's very easy to get a black-and-white mentality, either to expend 100% effort or 0%, and I think this is a situation where you should encourage a gray area. Get her to try for 50% with the eating portion of the program, and go from there.

  • I think given the circumstances your suggestion is appropriate.  

    The fact that so many of us in the United States can lose a considerable amount of weight just by cleaning up our eating is a very strong signal that our food choices / supply are not nutritious.  I guess that's why there are so many fast food advertisements in the media, all that advertising must get the fat cats a huge market and huge profits while the public get a huge body and huge medical costs!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.