Starting my Challenge

  • Hi

    I am very new to all this, i am nervous whether i will get through it, but i have the guts to to it (even though i wanna get rid of this gut!)

    This is Day 1 for me, i feel that as soon as i get through i may do another one (back to back) so i develop the habbit.

    I wanna be healthy and i wanna be happy - and I CAN!

    Naomi :)

  • Just keep it up and you will soon see the payoff!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • I just started too!

  • Keep up posted! I'm on Week 3. It gets better!

  • You'll be fine.  Just follow the plan and follow the advice others will give you.  

  • I just started today ... what does it mean to hit the 10's..ha... any advice to make things easier i work as a caregiver and work crazy odd hours.. usually if i dont get called in 9am to 8pm are my hours free. I work 7 days a week...

  • I am new too but have been working out and now chabging my eating habits. ..I hope this works...I really need help here.

  • Today is the first day of week 4 for me.  So far its going great, I haven't missed a workout and eaten clean with the exception of one meal where I couldn't get anything else at a company outing.  My advice to you is focus on making each day a success by planning out meals and making sure you workout no matter what, even if its small.  If you do mess up, remember to just keep going.  One thing I've learned on the program is that success fuels success.  if you keep with it, you'll see improvements and benefits and that will carry you through the whole 12 weeks.  

    best of luck to you and ask a lot of questions, that's how we all learn!

  • Well day 2.. I did 5min on bike..all my upper & lower body work outs and 15 min on tread as my not as sore as I thought I would be...whoohooo...i was bad though..i had a slice of cake for my daughters graduation..

  • Good luck lovemelotz - I'm starting tomorrow!

  • Oops, sorry, wrong author - I meant to say, good luck zorette777!

  • Lol....good luck any ways

  • And to you too!