Starting the Challenge - 7/29/13

  • Question on caloric intake.  When I look at the week 1 kick off meal plan, it seems like a lot of calories for someone 5'4 needing to lose 30 lbs.  AM i supposed to be adjusting down from that meal plan?

  • Hi gojess,

    I think so. Per my own experience, I paid attention to the portion of food I ate each meal. But at the beginning, I didn't adjust the portion of food. Because it took some time for you to ajust yourself to the new portion. When I went into the week 7 and 8, I started to really see myself get comfortable with the exercise and the food. My weight also started to drop down.

  • It's the 20 min. cardio workout day. I got sweat and felt good afterwards. Cooked the fish for dinner. No rice for longtime. I felt it's good in the evening.

  • Lately, I opened up myself publicly in the network of my middle school classmates. The confess was about telling them what kind of person I was. I never had courage to do so. But I figured if I don't do it now, I would never have any chance to do that in future. Open up myself in front of so many people is kind of intimidating. But I didn't feel fragil as I was afraid. It's quite strange.

    BFL isnot teaching me how to do exercise and eating part, but also enpowering me to be brave and open minded. There are not so many secretes in my life. I like to see more smiles on other people as well as my own face. That require openess and honesty. No matter it's good or bad, I work on opening up myself to new opportunities. That's about new life.

    UBWO is for today. I am excited about it....Eating will be cleaning.

  • Too bad, I cheated on my food. Another bag of pop corn. I can't control myself. I switched my UBWO to 20 min. cardio workout for today. Tomorrow I am going to do UBWO. There won't be a free day in this week.  Not a reward, but a punishment. :( .

    I understood the self discipline, but sometimes, I let myself loosened. That' why I was dropped out before. Now, I am going to stick to this challenge to 83 days.

  • I did the LBWO well. Eating hasnot been clean. I ate some sweet stuff. Although it's just a little.

  • I have been lazy and eating some sweet stuff. It's bad, I knew it. I have a few days left to the end. I should keep up going forward and don't fall down the horse.

  • I had a strong 20 min. cardio workout yesterday. It was day 81. I have two more days to go and finish the challenge #1. I cheated with one piece of chocolate. I had some stress in the past several days. First, I had a few classmates as old friends to visit me. We went out for dinner and wine for 3 days on the row. That made me tired. Second, my medical report was out, that I had pituitary tumor. I was thinking about when and where to do operation if needed. This kept me worried and stressed. Now, I put this thing behind of me. Because I will do operation anyway, I took the medicine three times per day. I just need to focus on doing the right important things now. The doctor will notify me if there is any need to do operation.

  • Today is the last day of the challenge. Day 83. Here is the comparison of the first day and the last day of the challenge.

    7/29/2013                                       10/19/2013

    weight: 123.7lb                                115.2lb

    waist: 80cm                                      75cm

    hips: 94cm                                        90cm

    thigh:56cm                                        53cm

    arm: 26cm                                        24.5cm

    I want to go from here and start my second challenge. Thanks for everyone's support!