Starting the Challenge - 7/29/13

  • Glad you are doing so well.  Keep going strong :-)

  • Thanks, pennyready.

    Had a good 20 min.cardio workout. Eating has been clean. I spent more time with my son. He is getting better. I feel better. I should focus on his health and education. I will make good change everyday.

  • Spent more than one hour with my son and taught him math. Did UBWO well and kept eating good. I weighed myself and lost another 2lbs.

  • It's been a busy day for me. First, I took the Taichi class. Then, during the day I had my computer fixed and run again. My high school class organized a group, we exchanged email messages all day long and brought back many memories in the past.  In the end, I was left no time to go to the gym, but I pushed myself and went to finish the 20 min cardio workout. I was happy. It was a good one. :-) I should teach my son some math, then I finish my one day task....My classmate described me as "young face with old heart" ha ha.... With BFL, I become more mature, I believe. Because I decide to finish this challenge, that will prove I have some will power.

  • 20 min cardio workout went great. my parents stopped fighting each other, maybe they saw the positive change on me. keep praying the strength and momentum to make me going without fear. thanks for the people in this forum to keep me motivated. Your hardworking and persistence are inspiring!

  • Today is Day 63. I took some pictures to show my results, but I couldn't download them to this forum. I definitely saw the changes on me from the pictures. :-)

    Will keep going with this program.

    Happy weekend!!

  • My face has been allergic for almost a week due to the facial message. I will go to see doctor if I am not getting better tomorrow.

    The gym is closed today, so I run outside for 20 minutes. It's not hitting 10s.

    Eat lots of vegetable soup today to relieve the poisons on my face. Hope it works, then I don't need to see doctor tomorrow.

  • I ran outside of the apartment for 20 min. cardio. It was good one. I saw the doctor and got the medicine for my face.  It was a busy day....Eating has been good and clean.

  • sounds like you are doing very well, keep it up your almost to day 84 :-)

  • My face is definitely getting better. The skin has no more red and itchy.

    Pennyready, thanks! you work hard as much as you could too.

    I weighed myself, and lost another 2 lb. Have been running outdoor for 3 days, today I'm back to gym for weight training. Eating has been okay. I am happy about losing some weight, however, I still have lots of fat under the skin. Now I have no solution to overcome that weakness....All I can do is taking one day at a time!!

  • Yesterday I didn't do 20 min. cardio workout. I will make up the exercise on free day. I am still excited about continuing the program. It's the life style and I like to finish this competition. I am also glad I finally could download my pictures onto this thread.

  • It's the cardio day. I got up early in this morning and did the routine staff. Read a good book about raising boys. It's very interesting and useful to me! I am still searching for the good way to mentor, coach and guide my son. I will get my running done soon. Because of BFL, I am able to compete against myself. I hope I can be that winner, so I can set the good role model for my son too. The Taichi class was cancelled due to rainning. We finished the whole 85 style. The teacher said that was just the beginning. I agree with him. With BFL, I just started to step in the door and the long way to go in future.

  • I am glad it's not the long way to finish this competition. There are 10 more days to finish this one. Should I continue to use this site to keep my diary? I don't think so. I should leave the space to the other new comers. I really appreciated that BFL gives me this opportunity to write down my journey.