Starting the Challenge - 7/29/13

  • Day 24, I had a great UBWO today. Look forward to tomorrow's 20 min cardio workout.

  • Today will be the cardio workout for me. I have been so energetic since I worked out and ate the right food. No more chips and sweet things. I feel it's difficult to do exercise without the support of this community.  

  • I will need to travel on Sept. 6th weekend. I really want to focus only on my BFL program and don't go anywhere. But I can't cancel this trip because of that reason. I have to plan ahead. The planning can make the difference.

    Eating has been good. I lost my drive to do exercise yesterday. My dog was sick, I felt worried and tired. But I went to the gym anyway and finished the workout. My dog recovered her appetite and started to eat again today.  I want to see the transform happened to me. I am making the progress everyday. It takes time and it's like my dog. I need to be patient and take time to see the transformation. Well,  I didn't lose one pound and increased one pound instead, according to the last week's measurement. I know that muscle is heavier than fat.

  • I am tired after the Taichi class. So I took a nap, then finished the lunch. Until I went to the gym, it's packed today. I finished the UBWO quickly, then went shopping with my mom. She bought my favorite bread, vegetable and fruit. We also bought the food dog likes the most. She is getting better everyday.

  • It's LBWO day. I finished okay. I didn't hit 10's. I ate clean.

  • The cardio workout went great. I added another 5 minutes on top of the program. I started really like my BFL days. Workout, eating health and enjoying the rest of the day....

    I don't care about other things, such as how many weights I want to lose, how great I want to look, I just enjoy being in this program and also reading the folk's messages daily.

    Too bad, I cheated one bag of popcorn. But, just let go. Will get a strong UBWO soon.

  • Had a great cardio workout and taichi. Get ready for my trip. Excited but worried. Worried if I could do well with my food and exercise while I am away from home. Anyway, I look forward to the trip.

  • Never took Taichi, but used to watch a class by my apt. in Calif. back in the day.  Looked easy, so I know it's  Moving slow is very hard for me and my ADD to  I enjoy watching all the fluid motion that goes into it.  Good luck on your trip and just pay attention to how you eat and a little bit of what you eat.  You will do fine!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Thanks, squid. I learn taichi with a teacher, he is really good at teaching. He teaches body yin yang balance. It helps me to have more patience.

    I lost 4lb after I got back from my trip. I also lost 4 days of exercise because I was lack of motivation.

    Today, I will have a strong UBWO.

  • The 20 minutes cardio workout went well. I will skip the free day and do another cardio workout.

  • I did the 20 min. cardio workout on free day.

  • Today I did LBWO. It went well. Eating has not been perfect, because I didn't keep up with the 6 meals. But I enjoy feeling good after the exercising.

    Keep up working hard.

  • I'm sad today. This morning my cat was missed. I looked around and still could not find it. It died last night, and somebody saw its body. I kept thinking about it and it's my fault to let it stay with my dog. My dog loves chasing it and finally it jumped outside.....

    I felt no energy to do 20 minutes cardio workout. but I will go and let myself feel better as I wish.

    My classmates in high school will organize a social event in the beginning of October in another city. But I couldn't go, I want to finish this challenge well.  Thanks for the tools of communication. I can just use internet and keep contacts with them.

  • Day 52

    Had a strong UBWO, and increased the weights. I didn't feel as difficult as before. Not sure if I should increase more weights. I don't want to burn out.

    Checked my weigh, measured my waist, hip and thigh. They stayed as the same as last week.

    Tomorrow, I am planning to run in the park instead of gym.

    Taichi class went well too. It helped me to stay calm when I feel the pressure.

  • Still maintain the high motivation to continue the program. It changes me inside out everyday. I'm happy and calm each day. It's the life style and not a competition to me. I enjoy the process.

    Will have a strong LBWO.