Starting the Challenge - 7/29/13

  • Hello everyone!

    Enough is enough.... I am beginning the challenge next week. Who's with me?

  • Hi there B Mick..i'm starting on the 29th too.. my current weight is  213lbs with a bmi of 31%..i'm 5ft 8" so am well out of shape!  Be nice to have someone to share the journey on...good luck with the start..let me know how it goes

  • Geth76, I'm 5'8 as well and started back in January at 235.  Weighed in this morning at 186, so the program works, you just have to apply the principles from the book.  Good luck!

  • Thanks MJelly..thats an amazing result for you...well done..stories like this will keep me on track for my goals..keep going

  • I had planned to start this saturday, but I totally blew my weekend.  Maybe starting on a weekday is better.  I'm with you.

  • My fourth baby just turned 1 and I still haven't lost all the baby weight, so here I go again.  Starting another challenge tomorrow!  Current weight is 148. (I'm 5'8".)  See my profile to see proof that this program works!  I just need to make it work for me again. :)  It will be good to have some company on the journey.


    Patience, persistence, and hard work pay off.

  • great to see others starting on the same day as me!

    i'm nervous about starting (because i hope to stick with it) but also super excited (i'm ready to get back into shape and have more vitality).

  • I am so glad that all of you started the same day as mine. I am glad that I can find this thread to keep motivated.

  • Day 2 went well with clean eating and 20 minute cardio workout.  I feel sore on my upper body and arms.

    My body type is normally slow on the effect of this program. Usually it happened on the 8th week. But I knew it worked. So I take one day at a time to keep eating clean and doing exercise. I finished my last challenge on the 11th week. then, I lost track. However, my eating only collapsed for 2 weeks. then I gained back the weight. NOW, I want to resume my lost energy and commit to this program again. I weigh 123 lb and would like to get down to 105lb. It's not difficult to reduce the weight if I can be persistent to the program on both eating and exercise. I am staying home mother. Doing exercise and keeping eating clean don't sound that complicated. But I have the moment to eat more and moving less. I need to keep motivating myself not to be lazy and stay focusing on the goal. I don't know if I can eat cheese, although I like the taste of the cheese. Cheese has high content of fat. I like the coffee, sometimes two cups in a day. I don't know how to keep awake without a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I have these blocks in my days. I will be glad to meet some people in this forum to discuss some of these problems daily.

  • B Mick.  Good  morning.  Thanks for starting this thread.  I started on the 29th adn did well yesterday.  I'm 5'5" and completely out of shape, so I thougth I would try this again.  I attempted the challenge 2 years ago and made it week 9, I think.  By week 9 I was in good shape and seeing results, but then fell back into my old habits.  This time though I'm going to make it through the 12 weeks.  I look forward to talking with everyone through this forum.  

  • Hiya all, Well end of day is everyone doing? am a little sore from the upperbody workout yest...cardio today went well! Eating clean..trying my best to keep water intake up...and feel six meals a day a struggle but am trying! keep up the good work everyone...keep me posted on progress.

  • good for you geth76. I finished the LBWO as day3. Six meals sounds a lot, but Myoplex is not counted as one meal to me. They are only snacks. I don't feel like eating meat like steak. I tend to eat only vegetables. Since this is summer, a lot of people are taking vacations. I cancelled my trip and focused on my training program. Making progress is not one day or one week, it's for three months and forever as a life style. Thinking of that purpose, I am excited.

    My body can produce more energy now, this keeps me on going.

  • Hi there Little Elephant,just finished my LBWO as day 3 too..felt i could have pushed a little more..made some notes and next time will up the weights..all a learning well done on cancelling your trip shows how focused your are to BFL challenge! Keep up the good work...and keep us posted.

  • I finished the cardio workout well in 20 minutes. My lower body had been sore since yesterday. And now it's still sore and made me difficult to sit and walk...But glad this is a sign that I worked hard. The raining is hard outside, I couldn't let myself focus on anything else but to write down what I did and exercised.

  • Well done L.Elephant.. my cardio done today and hit a 10!...see the week flying by..upper body tomorrow...starting to enjoy this new life style and it's only day 4!! let's hope it stays like that :o)...can i ask when do people weigh? i'm planning to wait four weeks then check my weight and BMI...any advice?