Appetite has changed!!

  • Finally for the first time since Ive started the challenge 2 weeks ago, today my appetite has calmed down. I have gone 3 hours at a time without being terribly hungry or moody today. I have had 5 meals today and I feel balanced!! Something is shifting!!! Im so excited to keep experiencing the changes that are bound to come!!!!

  • Way to stick it out and glad you are seeing some exciting changes!

    2012 Body for Life Champion

    Men 18-29

  • After recording my meals, I am surprised at how much I ate before, I am now eating 6 sometimes 7 times a day, and not feeling hungry, the best feeling is in the morning laying in bed and I can feel the fat coming off.  I will start week 4 on Saturday.

    1st week lost 10 lbs, 2nd 0 nothing stayed even, 3 rd lost 5 lbs.  Can really feel the difference and NOT HUNGRY!

  • Oh yeah!!! I love that feeling in the morning too! Great numbers by the way. Ive lost 3 pounds so far but I can tell the inches are starting to melt away!!! So exciting! Keep up the good work!

  • Greetings ,  Just a thought , but if you want a really good app to record and estimate your meals you should try and give it a try. Many BFL's are on this site as well and it helps you to think before you eat in the long run.

  • Men can lose weight much faster than women, has been my experience.  just finished 3 rd

    1st week lost 10

    2nd week lost 0 nothing

    3 rd week lost 6

    down in three weeks 16 and inches, feel very very very good, easier on my knees know when I Genuflect