Starting Week 3

  • Just starting week 3 and feeling great!

    I can feel myself getting stronger and able to do more with my workouts! Im still having a challenge sticking to 6 meals a day. I get really hungry at night. Last night I had a 250 calorie snack at 9:30 just so I could sleep. I woke up this morning with a very flat stomach, though, which was a nice surprise!

    My free day was way over used a few days ago so I dont think Im going to have free for all free days anymore :) My face and neck are slimming out ALOT and my pants dont feel as tight around my waist but still pretty snug on my hips and thighs.

    I have more energy and my mind is not so fuzzy!!

    Anyway just wanted to put my update out there!! Hope all of you are kickin' butt and hitting your 10's!!!

  • Good luck, faithfulcatholic (another thing I aspire to be btw!).  Its amazing how something as simple as noticing some perceivable loosening in your clothes can motivate!

  • Love your comment! It was encouraging in many ways! Where are you on your challenge?

  • LOL ... you are starting week 3?  I am starting DAY 3 ... started Monday 7/22 .... and have gotten through a WHOLE ENTIRE TWO DAYS.  

    Jokes aside, I have started before and not seen it through.  I managed to lose a significant amount of weight about 2 years ago and have been watching it creep back.   Have kind of a significant personal event in mid October and just got mad at myself and said "Do this program ... now!".  And leaning on this site for support.

  • I started 2 other times before. One time I started right after my son was born and my husband was on a deployment and it was too much. Then I started for the second time when my third child was just 2 months old. It was too fast after he was born and I ended up developing some health problems from trying too much too soon. But now my youngest is  almost 1 1/2 and I feel confident I can do this.

    You should give your self a big pat on the back. The first week is hard! Youll be at week 3 before you know it. I made a chart with a pyramid that has a space for each week building on top of one another and I shade in each week as I finish with a big COMPLETED next to it. Its been fun watching it slowly get shaded in! Hopefully we can continue to encourage one another along this journey!

  • Your "excuses" are better than mine.  I would just self sabotage ... miss a couple work outs or go on a food binge and decide that meant the entire thing was ruined and "what's the use?".

    Shortsighted "quitter" mentality.  I accept that I will not do this thing perfectly.  I may not even do it particularly well.  But I WILL do it.  

    The bad news ... I did not hit my "10"s today ... I'm not sure I hit 6/7s .. but but but ... I DID get to the gym at a time OTHER than I had planned and when it looked like I would miss it altogether!  And that in itself is something!

  • You know, I started the weight lifting portion this time and for the first 2 weeks I only did 1 workout per muscle group instead of the 2 per each that we are suppose to do but I just congratulated myself on that and moved on and now Im able to add more on this week.  So your 6/7's are still something. Next week they'll by your 5's or warm ups!

    You are strong for going to a gym. It would be very hard for me so I workout at home. You should high five yourself (is possible :) ) for getting out, to workout! :)

    I have always been a quitter and people know me for that. I'll share this with you since you made the comment about being Catholic, I have incorporated a spiritual aspect into this challenge. Ive picked some of the virtues I really wanted to work on and I focus on those. Two virtues in particular: self-control and perseverance. The other day when I was "jogging" (if you could call it that) up a hill for my 10, I thought I was going to die but I just repeated in my head over  and over again that by Gods grace I could have some control over myself and that I could persevere through that last minute of pain. And you know what, I did and I am now that much stronger in being able to have my body be under control of my spirit(which is then in line with Gods will). My husband has a degree in Im getting alittle theological over here LOL...sorry. My point is that before in challenges or in anything I did, I would look at it from a stand point of just barring through the pain in order to fit into a certain size or to see a number on the scale but I was so lazy and uncommitted in life and I couldnt stick with anything. Ive gotten to a point where I want to be a committed person and to be able to be strong and capable and not just physically but all around. Ive just poured it all out there :)  Hopefully I dont sound crazy. I just wanted to share my struggle and how I am using BFL as an outlet to help overcome some of my hardships in life and to be an encouragement to you and others who may come across this thread!!

  • @Faithfulcatholic - Nah, you don't sound crazy at all. ;) I think following through with BFL speaks a lot more about character than a commitment to losing weight or getting to a certain size (though I won't lie, for me, wearing a pair of single-digit jeans and getting as far away from the plus size section of the store as fast as possible certainly is a motivating factor!)

  • LOL....Laurathelibrarian I would absolutely love to be in the single digits too! Im rooting for you!!!

  • Can't relate to "single digit jeans" ... a 34" waist and under 220 pounds would be very very nice though.

  • Faithful ... I understand that this is not necessarily the place to get overly "theological" ... but I can relate (to use a dated phrase).  The faith and physical journey can go hand in hand and the one can bolster the other.  Our bodies and spirits are spate but certainly interconnected.

    And you most certainly do not sound "crazy" ... at least not to someone who's said the rosary on fingers to pass the time while on the treadmill (lol).

  • Rosary on your fingers...LOVE IT!!!!  Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Hey, there are worse ways to spend the time, eh?  Seriously, it does take about half of a 20 minute aerobic workout to do it and helps pass the time.  Spiritual and physical multitasking!