Starting the Challenge Today July 22nd!

  • Well after a month of looking over the books and figuring out whether or not I could actually succeed at this I decided to just stop deciding and start!

    It took all my energy just to drag my lazy butt into the gym toda and even though my arms will more then likely be super angry at me tomorrow I did it!

    I decided that if I actually posted In the forums it would give me the motivation to continue.

    Do any of you fellow champions have any suggestions for surviving the next twelve weeks? haha


  • I am not a champion, but I just started today too!  Just keep it up.  Just know you can continue doing this and it will make you feel better.  Good Luck!!!!

  • Way to go on deciding to start the challenge both of you!  I was fortunate enough to be one of the champions last year and I would be happy to offer my advice.  My wife and I both did the challenge last summer and are currently in week 8 of our second round.  

    Here are some things that really helped us

    1. Setting honest goals just as described in Bills book and have them somewhere where you'll see them often

    2. Doing it with my wife helped us to push each other if one of us was having an off day

    3. Writing a weekly blog and sharing with family and friends helped me because if I did fail, then they all knew.  This helped keep me more accountable as I didn't want them to see me fail.

    Here's the blog I wrote if you want to follow my journey.  It includes a lot more ideas on succeeding at this.

    4. Something that really helped me was to write down all the excuses I could think of that would prevent me from accomplishing my goals.  Then go back and come up with a solution to the excuse.  

    Some examples:

    EXCUSE - I don't have time to workout today,

    SOLUTION - plan ahead.  I will have time if I plan for it.  

    EXCUSE - I want ice cream or some sort of dessert,

    SOLUTION - Fruit has a natural sweetness to it so I can always have fruit.  Make a protein smoothie (fruit, yogurt, protein powder, juice).   Make protein pudding (sugar free instant pudding and protein powder).  Write down what I'm craving and have it on my free day.  

    EXCUSE - I'm too tired

    SOLUTION - take a power nap, have a planned bedtime to make sure I"m getting enough rest.

    EXCUSE - I'm not motivate

    SOLUTION - (I know these things motivate me) read about other success stories.  Review goals and think about what I really want and not how I feel now.  Look at the progress I've made.  There's always a solution to any problem I may be facing so research the problem for a solution.

    I hope this helps and please post on the forum if you need any more help.  


    2012 Body for Life Champion

    Men 18-29

  • HI Shanel if no one has any suggetions I can honestly say that I hope u hang in there. Like you I had to drag my lazy self to the gym and although I have never done any kind of challenges I am determine to do this one to the end, the only problem is I work nite shift so I have to find the time to do it but will see. GOOD LUCK

  • HI TO ALL: Well here I am due to having turn a year older and barely getting by health wise I have decided that a change is a must. So in dealing with a situation that's very new to me and never done any kind of challenges so even though I didn't sign up for the challenge I would still like to try it on my own. Just hope I can stay focus n see it to the end wish me luck

  • I am with you, Mimi.  Started 7/22/13 myself and I did not sign up for the challenge either.   I am aware you are supposed to dream big but the champion pics seem a bit out of my league - and that's ok!  My goal is too look and feel significantly better in 12 weeks ... and that is challenge enough!  Good luck to you!

  • Mimi and Sceej,

    Even if you aren't competing, I would still recommend filling out the form and doing the pictures and everything.  They are all helpful things anyway to show you where you started and finished.  If you don't have all the start information it will be much hard to reflect back and see what you've accomplished.  Also remember that it's only 50% outer change and the rest is your inner mental and spiritual change.  

    I started the BFL challenge because my wife and I knew we were done having kids and my wife wanted me to make sure she got back in shape.  We decided to do the BFL challenge and to help us stay focused we decided to go for the challenge all out.  If we didn't do this I don't think we would have worked as hard and we may have much more easily quit the program.  

    Of course you know what you are ready for and it's entirely up to you.  Just some thoughts to help you stay motivated.  Best wishes to you.


    2012 Body for Life Champion

    Men 18-29

  • Hi Shanel - well, I am new to BFL also this week.  I haved done one other bootcamp style that lasted 10 weeks last summer and I worked-out with the same group for 7 additional months on a regualar basis.  So, if I did that, I can do this and you can to.  However, this is my first self monitored program - and I am ready to shed the extra (over 40 lbs) and do it gradually over the next year (I want to lose 1.9 lbs per week for 3 challenges).  Someone from one of the other forums (Cottage Cheese Club) posted a check-in.  I thought it might be fun to engage each other on our journey together.  So, here is my check-in:

    Workout planned: 6pm work out at local gym - last night I did upper so tonight I will do HIT cardio and lower.

    Foods planned:  I had a EAS low calorie shake with skim milk for breakfast during my commute to work, then I had a Turekey sandwith on wheat rounds (100 cals) with mustard and no sugar apple sauce, next snack will be 1/4 c of ff cottage cheese and raw almonds, dinner I have planned shrimp cocktail and steamed broccoki w/lemon, and string cheese and Wht. English muffin for snack.

    Obstacles you have to overcome today : I had my before pictures taken yesterday and I really wanted to scream some harsh words at myself and I did think some pretty mean ones.  I will forcus on the positive today and try and shut out the bad emotions.

    Help you need or some great tips you want to share: planning is essential to success - it is a drag but eventually (I notices from my bootcamp journey) it get to be second nature to pack snacks.

    I WILL NOT have any beer or wine until my free day - it lowers my ambitions to follow the program : (

    Positive statement about yourself: I will not self sabatoge myself, I am worthy of becoming healthy and thin and wearing everything in my closet :)

  • Kirm, I LOVE my wheat rounds.  I have fallen in love with the Chocolate Mint Lean 15 Bars... tastes like girl scout thin mint cookies under a rice crispy treat.... I am so very excited about this.  Just came in from  my aerobics. walk/fast walk exercise routine.  I handled it well and feel so much more excited after I accomplish each time I finish my exercises everyday. Good Luck to Everyone.  I have entered the challenge..... but no matter what I KNOW I will be a winner.  Already I feel so much better just in this 4 days.

  • Hi Lady HD - I have not tried Chocolate Mint Lean 15 Bars - but I am going to find them : ) they sound delicious and when a sweet moment calls I will know I am making a good choice to eat one.  Yes, wheat rounds are spectacular!  Today, is the first day I can really feel my body reacting to the program.  I feel lighter - more energy and ready to face the day!   This forum will save me when I feel alone in my journey!  Thanks everyone for being there!

  • I am feeling differences too.... I feel lighter, way more energy and I notice that I can squat down to pick things up and get back up... LOL> But that feels so very good and it has only been 5 days.  I had such a bad day at work today, but instead of just getting sad and depressed.... All I could think about is getting home and doing my upper body weights and I KNEW it would make me feel better and get some of that stress worked out.  It did and I am so GLAD for BFL.  

  • Ok, with a free day under my belt, I can honestly say that, I feel so much better when I eat and follow the BFL plan.  The free day was SUPER great too! Having balence is feeling wonderful!  Upper body - here I come!

  • Kim I totally agree with you about the free day....I enjoyed it but my tummy told me otherwise.  If feels so much better when you eat clean.  Had a fabulous workout this morning. My hubby used to be a competitive body builder so he knows what it takes to eat clean and train hard.....he has always told me that I don't understand because I have never been at the level he is at....I am determined to get there with BFL....not the competitive aspect of it but the sticking to eating clean and working out.  I have started many programs and never stuck to them....I turned 50 this year and it is never to late....I will get there!

  • Kickboxangel- agree with you- it is never too late to achieve our goals!  Sometimes I think that with age I am better able to feel good about the smaller successes that lead to the biggers one.  We can do this!  I do HIT with all of my workouts - cardio just feels so good and it is not overly time consuming - 20 mins.  My arms feel nice and strong after upper body yesterday...WOW!

  • Awesome job Kirm....I do boxing and kickboxing 5 days a week for an hour.  That is something that I truly enjoy....I must since I get up at 3:30 in the morning to drive to the gym to do it.  We will all succeed at this.....