Starting (again) on Monday, 22 July

  • Hello All,

      This is like my 10th time starting BFL. I am determined to finish this time.  When I started the first one (many years ago), I followed the program and lost 30 lbs but never sent in my photos.  I have since gotten lazy probably because of knee injury but I never got back into the flow of things.  BFL is the only thing that worked for me.

    PROBLEM: I have become LACTOSE intolerant.  Does EAS have any lactose free ready to drink shakes?  I'd rather not take lactaid pills as they do not always work for me.  I did find some other brand ready-to-drink shakes but they are not EAS but they will work.  Also, where can I find a log book that will fit in my purse but has enough room?

  • Hi Determined ... in similar situation ... multiple "starts before ... no "finishes"  and I'm starting on 7/22 determined to see this thing through and look and feel better.  Good luck to you.  

  • Sounds like there are many that have started and never finished.  I'm starting as well on the 22nd and need some serious changes, physically and mentally.   Looking forward to the challenge start on Monday.

    Best of luck to you Sceej and Determinedtofinish.  

  • I will also be starting on the 22nd.  I did the BFL a couple of years ago and had great results....then life happened. I have never posted before so this will be the first of many.  I plan on also taking pictures at the start, week 4, 8 and final.  We can all do this.....

  • Determined and angel ... hope you nailed that first day!

  • I am also a retread.... Ha Ha Ha.  I lost a good amount of weight the first time many many years ago. But just started BFL today July 22nd too.  I am really excited about being on the forums and getting the support.  I have about 40 lbs I would like to work off.  My first day is going well.  I know that it took years to gain this weight and it won't happen over night, but I know that BFL works... the only thing I have found that does work for me.  I wish you ALL the best of luck and inspiration!!!

  • Sceej....nailed the first and second day.... Lady HD best of luck to you also.  We can all do this......and we will!

  • Best of luck to you too kickboxangel!!!   I am enjoying how I feel just in these first few days.... I can already feel a difference in my skin!!!

  • My first 3 days were awesome! Nailed them.....We can all do this!