Starting my new life with Body for Life 7/22/13 ... see you at the finish line on October 14th

  • Good luck. Finish strong.

  • Good luck Travis.... I lost 8 really but seems to come back in a lb or two.... I need to stop weighing myself so much... :)   I know this program works!!! So excited for how it is making me feel

  • Angel and Sceej ... I am weighing myself way too much... I need to put the thing away.  I KNOW it messes with me and gets me discouraged.  I will weigh every week or every other week.... I can't let myself have an excuse to just give up or get depressed or stressed.  Being focused is the best thing.... thanks for all of the encouragement from everyone!

  • Kickboxangel... Thank you so VERY much about the non-scale victories.  I really needed to hear that.  I have certain clothing that needs to be fastened tighter than before.... obviously loosing inches and just the muscle is going the weight.  I did get excited about writing in my journal and writing out my goals and fixing my lunches for work and not going out.  No one at work asks if I brought my lunch anymore because I do that everyday now.  Thank you so much for giving such great advice.  We all CAN DO THIS.... Lets keep GOING!!!!

  • Measured body fat today, thought is was 4 weeks, but, only two since measurements, was really excited.

    Went from 25.2 % to 19.9 in three weeks, hope that same motivation stays with me.  Yet, I know the first is the easyest to take off

  • Pleased to hear so many doing so well.  Appears I've lost three pounds in about ten days, but I missed a second workout yesterday.  There were a variety of reasons - work, family commitment, exhaustion - but in the end they are excuses.  There are 24 hours in a day and I should have been able to dedicate one of them to my health.  

  • todays home page tip, Sceej please read, but remember, we are not perfect or we would be saints,

    Motivational Tip

    If improving your life and your health are that important to you, you’ll find the time and make it flow with the groove of your life.

  • Sunset44 I love that Motivational Tip....that is my life to a T.  People ask me how I get up every morning at 3:30 to drive 45 minutes to take a kickboxing or boxing class...I do it at that time because that is the only time I have that there is nothing else happening.  I don't grocery shop at that hour, I'm not working, someone didn't  just happen to stop me nothing happens at 3:30 am so I have no excuse why I can't work out.  Once you get in the habit of waking up is second nature.  I never set an alarm clock body is my alarm clock.  I am far from being perfect but what I have perfected is finding a time to workout that works for me.....

  • Thanks for the referral, Sunset, I never look there and it is certainly on point.  On the plus side, just got back from the gym and had probably the best workout (albeit only about ten days in).   Need to convert this from a chore to a passion.

  • Humans are one of the only creatures on this planet who produce Epinephrine (also known as adrenaline , from exercise or exertion. So enjoy gods gift  to us.

  • Laughter the best medicine!!!!

    Many people think that they should have a strict weight loss diet, a punishing exercise program,

    a limited salt and fat intake, and a grueling regimen in order to be healthy. However, prominent

    cancer specialist David Sobel, M.D. said, “the reality is that healthy people tend to be pleasure

    seekers with a sense of humor rather than rigid lifestyle adherents.” Laughter appears to be

    more than just a coping mechanism to face major illnesses. It can reduce stress hormones and

    boost the immune system.

    Laughter not only refreshes the spirit but has physiological benefits as well. Laughter brings

    many benefits to your life including easing muscle tension, increasing pulse and breathing, and

    improving blood circulation and immune system function. A recent study showed that increased

    breathing from laughing clears out the dead spaces in our lungs, the areas that do not get air

    normally. Through laughter we also stretch muscles through our face and body and our pulse and

    blood pressure go up sending more oxygen to our tissues. In essence, a good laugh amounts to a

    small workout!

    One study on residents in a long-term care facility suggested that residents who were exposed

    to humorous films on a regular basis were more satisfied and more contented with life.

    If you can get some laughter in your life, you will be a lot better off. And healthier too!

  • Pretty happy right now....first weigh in and down 8 pounds in 2 weeks. That is great for me since I don't have a substantial amount of weight to lose! Already telling a difference in my clothes! Can't believe we are about to complete week 2 and start week 3! Hope everyone else is having a great challenge so far

  • Today starting week 5, I still weigh everyday, just curious what is going on and like to see.  Been the same weight for 9 days straight, but, do feel leaner, so mixing it up a little this week, one of my meals sometimes two meals is a blend of dry roasted nut, LOVE those things, but, going to change it up for Egg Whites, NOW, I am almost certain to see a change, but, time will tell.

  • Regret to inform I had a pretty bad week ... on ALL levels.   Got the word that in the three months I will not have a job (after 31 years with same outfit) - I am not old enough or secure enough to even consider retiring.  Missed workouts since Friday and have eaten and drank like a man on death row.  Was thinking about just dropping the program because it is "not a good time for this" and will be very hard to retain focus but for today - going to try to get back to it.  Wish me luck - I'm going to need it.

  • This is the best time to concentrate on this, you have a goal, and you will need to look great for your next job challenge, look at it positive,  Remember the bible verse, if God provides for the birds, ect, he will sure provide for you.  Be strong and do finish, this is what you need now.