Starting my new life with Body for Life 7/22/13 ... see you at the finish line on October 14th

  • Glad to have the company ,k-b-a, particularly someone who started at same time.  I am with you in terms of mornings definitely work best but getting up at 3:30AM?  I could not do that! But important to be aware of what will work for you instead of others.

    There will be bumps, hell, I had pumps my first day, and almost inevitable that that day will come when a workout is missed ... I'm going to lean on support from here hopefully and realize that the proper response is NOT to say everything is ruined and grab a six pack of beer and a carton of ice cream but to get back to it the next day!

  • Sceej......I tried to smile in mine and it just didn't make it look any better... :)     You look better then I do.  I have been so excited about this.  Today I was so proud of myself, I was offered an keesh and a cupcake and said "NO" proudly.  I KNOW I am going to get this weight off.  

  • Good morning everyone! I started July 22nd as well and would like to join this post. I also did the program two years ago and had great results. Then "life" happened and I fell back to old habits. Got up this morning at 4:00 and hit the gym; came home and went for a 3 mile walk. Best of luck to everyone. Have a happy and healthy day!

  • Had a similar experience just last night ... family 'insisting" I finish the left over French Fries (I have always been a very reliable garbage disposal) or else they would be wasted!  Wavered a bit but was genuinely pleased with myself when instead I discreetly put them in the trash.  Not in favor of "wasting" food but will not sabotage this program because someone says "just this once" won't make any difference!  So good for you and continue to be strong!

  • "Life happened"?  I know THAT song!  I guess the point is that our fitness has to become one of the most important parts of our life?  

    And I remain in awe of these early risers!  I get up at 6:15 and thought that pretty good until I read these posts!

  • The bad news ... I did not hit my "10"s today ... I'm not sure I hit 6/7s .. but but but ... I DID get to the gym at a time OTHER than I had planned and when it looked like I would miss it altogether!  And that in itself is something!

  • @kickboxangel - That is so true for me as well...if my workout does not happen in the morning, it just doesn't happen for the day. Period. I get up at 4am and drive to the gym.

  • Well, first 'fail' - it won't be the last and I will not let it derail the program.  After daughter's swim meet, it was late, no dinner waiting and it was decided we would go to Applebee's for dinner.  Thought to myself "not good but I can handle this ... can still eat clean".

    Well, I was "talked into" having a beer, finishing my daughter's fries and coated boneless wings, and a dessert.  "Talked into" ... as though the responsibility is not mine, eh?  

    Bottom line"  it was not a 'good' night program wise ... but but but it is not the end of the world ... it does not make this investment in myself a useless waste of time!  It was and is a setback ... that's all.

  • Did get in a solid workout today ... scale did show the "effects" of my breaking training yesterday though.  I have always been one to weight myself daily.  Have seen pros and cons about that ... pro, you don't allow incremental weight gain to go unnoticed ... con you can be discouraged unnecessarily.

    Where do others stand on that?  How often do you weigh in?  I am aware that this program is not solely (or even necessarily primarily) about weight loss but personally, that's my biggest issue.  At my age, do not think I am going to add huge amounts of muscle mass ... just not biologically likely ... though would like to tone and add some ... but the biggest issue is to "lose the lard".

  • Sceej first of all don't be hard on yourself for your bad choice....that's what it was.... a bad choice not a failure.  We all make bad decisions from time to did yours early in the program so now its time to move on and stay focused.  As far as weighing in...I do it every 2 weeks.  The scale can be my worst enemy....if my weight does not reflect what I think it should my day could be miserable.  In a 2 week time there is always some loss so I embrace that. I turned 50 this year...I do not have a substantial amount of weight to loose but I am determined to be at my personal best at 50.  Menopause is miserable but then again I look at it as a hurdle and I just keep on pushing.  I totally love kickboxing (hence the name) and that is why I get up at 3:30 every morning....nothing like punching a bag and leaving totally rejuvenated. Furthermore you may not have hit your 10 s but you did hit a 6 or 7......I would say that is a heck of a lot better than a 0......keep pushing threw we can all get through this together!

  • Thanks for the encouragement, Angel, a little persepctive helps.  Belonged to a gym and used to fool around with heavy bag in my 20s and yes, hitting something can be very satisfying (and occasionally daydream that I was hitting someONE!).

    Another tricky day ... on the road all day.  So lunch was McDonald's .. which was bad enough ... but then finished my wife's ice cream.  Bottom line - I need to stop getting "pressured" into the old role of human garbage disposal.  The weight is mine ... and losing it is my responsibility!

    Also could not reach my gym ... so went to gym at my brother in laws complex at 7:30PM ... not a great workout BUT it was a workout!

  • Sceej, don't sell yourself short.  You're not too old to put on muscle.  It may not be like in your 20's, but you can still do it.  Porter Freeman did it.  Heck, Forest in another thread just posted his pics and he made an amazing transformation at 57.  Asfar as the eating, it really is about will power and planning.  If you know you're going to be on the road, think ahead and get some shakes or bars.  Or find a Subway for a healthy 6 inch.  Much better than McDonald's.  Everyone is here to support you, but only you can decide what goes into your body.  I have young kids in the house so I have sweets all around me, so the temptation is always there.  But I've chosen to live this new lifestyle.  It would be one thing if I only ate one Twizzler, but for me, if I eat one, I'm going to eat half the bag.  So I save it for a free day treat.  When you feel like cheating on your eating, think about how you'll feel in 20 minutes.  If you're like me, you'll be mad as hell at yourself and ask yourself why you did that because it didn't even taste that good.  I eat clean 6 days a week and splurge like crazy on Sundays.  May hurt my overall results not to cheat in moderation, but I still see results.  At the end of a Sunday, I usually feel like crap and want to go back to eating healthy.stay focused on your goals.  Read them multiple times a day to keep your eye on the prize.  You can do this!

  • I am finding that having the ready-to-drink Myoplex Lite shakes are super helpful for me. I started with just a 4 pack of them (cheap) but it gives me great reassurance that if I'm going out for a few hours I can have a healthy alternative that I can take with me. I also have a little lunch bag and some blue freezer ice packs so I can pack a meal to take with me.

    I have also told everyone I know that my fiance and I are on a "special diet" (I explain the whole BFL program to people who show any further interest.) We went out to dinner tonight with two friends who chose a restaurant with salads, sandwiches, and soups for our dinner because they knew we could find something for our "special diet" there. If you make everyone aware of what you're doing and why its important to you, they may lay off on some of the pressure to eat poorly.

    Just my two cents! Best of luck, Sceej!

  • Went to the gym this morning. Had a good UBWO and got in 20 minutes of cardio. Going back at 7:00 for an exercise class . The trainer is brutal (in a good way). I work up a good sweat and feel like I accomplished something.

    Sceej-Don't focus too much on your eating choice. Life happens. I was doing fine myself yesterday until my boyfriend came over and made me dinner (lobster rolls) which were not low-cal/healthy by any means. Today is a new day and I'm ready to get back on track. I think the main thing is to plan ahead if you can or try to find healthier choices when out. It is not always easy but well worth it when you see results. As for the scale, I used to weigh myself every day as well but that only led to discouragement. There are too many other factors that may cause a fluctuation of weight on a daily basis. I would say once or twice a week is fine. A better indicator is how you feel, how your clothes fit, etc...You CAN do this!

    Have a happy and healthy day :-)


  • Hope everyone had a great first week.  I so look forward to Sunday which is my free day.  Didn't eat to terribly bad but I ate what I wanted and paid dearly for it all day.  Had the worst upset stomach ever.  I guess when you eat clean all week and then eat rich foods your stomach doesn't like it too well.  I remember that from the first time I did BFL.  I have decided instead of having a free day I will have a free meal every week....maybe won't be so hard on the stomach..  Even though I still felt sluggish and not 100% this morning I got up at 3:30 and had a great work out....I am determined to give this 100%.....

    Have a great day and week everyone!