Starting my new life with Body for Life 7/22/13 ... see you at the finish line on October 14th

  • I've been up. I've been down.  And lately the trend has been up ... and I am referring to my weight!  Fifty six years old, I don't have aspirations of being "ripped" but I do have aspirations of looking and feeling a lot better.  At 6'3" and 253 pounds hovering right around the border of obesity.   

    Have started BFL a couple times in the past and always ran out of gas (AKA quit).  Would have a bad day ... or a bad week ... and self sabotage by telling myself "The whole program is blown now, why continue?".

    Well not this time! The timing coincides with a rather significant event that will be happening at the end of the week of October 14th.  I'd like to look and feel my best for it.  And if I don't look and feel 'my best', I can certainly look and feel better than I do now.

    Roughly 40 years ago (has it really been THAT long?!!) I played two varsity sports in high school and even then, I never felt I was truly "in shape".  I got by on size and strength and hand eye coordination.  Its long past time.  I KNOW what in shape looks like, its time be that person.

    My "plan" is to be on this site daily.  Don't really have local support for this endeavor so I'll lean on this board a lot for the journey and hopefully realize that it is NOT going to be perfect, it is NOT going to be flawless, but those realities are NOT a reason to chuck it all.    I'm also thinking I'll take a pic at the start, 4 week mark, 8 week mark and end and that the pics will provide some positive reinforcement and motivation.

    Well, true to form I'm procrastinating a little by starting Monday instead of today but there is just something about Mondays that seem to fit starting a project and certainly don't want the temptations of the weekend to derail me right out of the box.

  • I'm only on Day 4 and I can tell that posting to the site is making a big difference to me. I have tried and quit BFL multiple times over the years, but I had never reached out and asked for support like this before by checking in with other people. I always thought I could do it on my own, and thus, no one really knew I was doing the challenge and no one else, besides me, cared or even noticed if I did it or not. I am one of those folks that needs a cheerleading squad behind me, I guess!

    I am currently posting every day in the "Summer" thread. I will look forward to your daily posts and we'll help hold each other accountable!

  • Sceej I have started today also...22nd of July!  Got up at 4:00, got the workout done and now the day begins.  Good luck to you and I will see you at the finish line.

  • I'm With You, Just Started Today And Like You I Have Attempted It Before But This Time I'm Looking To Cross The Finish Line...

  • I saw a saying that most people quit because of slow progress....but isnt slow progress, PROGRESS?  Don't let your misfortunes keep you down.  There is always someone on here to give you words of encouragement and advise.  And follow my signature...that will help too!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Started today and thinking it is NOT MEANT TO BE!!!  Went to take "before" pic ... battery dead in camera!  Plan was for early AM workout ... change of plans ... had to drive daughter to camp!  I can't even get started!!!

    OK ... not serious about the above but it did give me a little pause.  

    Got to the gym instead of lunch hour (evening workouts would be very close to impossible) and had a solid workout.  Not sure if they were "10s" but those last lifts took real effort and have a fatigue in the muscles - a good sort of sore ... not pain.  By way of background I have been going to the gym a couple times a week for months and "lifting some weights" ... which meant the same weight, same number of sets, no challenge, and surprise - no real results.

    Well, glad to get that first workout under my belt!

  • While at the gym weighed myself .. not sure if I will get to all the measurements and the like.    The good news is I am a solid 200 pounds of muscle and bone!  The bad news is that I actually WEIGH 254 pounds and I am pretty sure that the additional 54 pounds is pure lard!  Oh well - gotta start somewhere!

  • Greetings Sceej , First if you check WPBILL profile you'll see that I'm currently 55 years old and have made some serious improvements since I weighed about 287 not long ago in 2010 in the summer. So you will see what one can accomplish when you apply your determination, planning and workouts and proper eating to the equation. Hang in there, and don't get discouraged and don't let the scale alone determine how you are doing but rather things like how your clothing fits, photos, comments from true friends about how much better you look and your renewed energy you will experience as well. Take it from me, BFL is well worth the effort it takes and the time as well.  Keep Moving Forward!!! from WPBILL

  • Bill - thanks for the kind word.  Pics don't lie (well we wont talk about airbrushing!) and its clear what the program has done for you.  Its actually about 5 years ago that I started getting even semi serious ... always would tell myself "well, you're a big guy ..." ... "well, you're middle aged ...".  When I saw the scale say 290 pounds and realized that I was just one gluttonous week from 300 pounds that I realized I had to make a change ... people that big don't usually live long and I want to see my kids grow up (don't we all).  Again - hanks for the word of encouragement and for showing proof that it can work for men our age ... and yeah, I hate saying that as much as you hate hearing it!   LOL

  • Also remember this:

    No one got OVERWEIGHT OVERNIGHT. It takes time and you have to find the time to put into this.

    I workout in the early am, cause if I don't I will never workout...period!  Took me a month to get used to getting up at 5am and working out.  After that it was second nature.

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • I started today too!!!  I also find starting something on Monday, just seems fitting.  I have started BFL several times and lost a lot of weight back in 05.  I kept it off for a very long time and have gained a good amount back.  I am 5'6" and weigh 197 lbs.  I was shocked and surprised last year when I decided to clean out my dresser of all the clothes I could no longer fit into.  The shocking part was they were all size small shirts and 10's (pants).  I had thought I was fat then...when wearing those clothes.  I am now in a tight 16 and wear XL shirts..... But I am determined.  I WILL complete this and send in my before and after this time.  I am nervous.... don't want to quit again.  Just keep knowing that no matter what we are all winners to keep doing this program.  We will ALL feel better, look better and be healthier.

  • It's odd what motivates us ... how starting on a Monday just seems fitting, eh?  Good luck, luck Lady HD, and I am all too familiar with the weight creeping back.  Got down from 290 to 225 ... now sitting at 252 and finally woke the hell up to the fat that I am heading right BACK to 290 and there is no reason in the world to have to hit rock bottom to turn it around!  So hopefully put on the brakes and reversed course as of now!

    I can relate to the shock factor.  I knew I was not in shape but took my before picture yesterday ... a badly done selfie in mirror ... and was stunned at just how heavy I looked!  It's like I see that image every day in the mirror and would think "not good but not THAT bad" .. and then a still photo is like a cold slap in the face!

  •      and here is the infamous selfie ... cut me some slack for not smiling - look at that "physique".  Hopefully big smile in 82 days!

  • Wow, how true it is Pic's dont lie.  I never see myself correctly in the mirror, BUT WOW, when I take pics I get the real me and it need BFL, that is for sure only have 70 more days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello you mind if I join your post?  I started on 07-22-2013. I did the program about 2 years ago on and off and had really good results so this time I have decided to give it 100% and do the challenge. I also workout in the morning.  I get up at 3:30 and travel 40 minutes to go to a boxing class....if I don't workout in the morning, it doesnt happen for me.  WPBILL you are very motivational.  I know the first time I did BFL the first couple of weeks were really hard , then it got a little easier and then it got really hard for me again....I am taking it with the attitute that that is how life is....sometimes things run smoothly and sometimes there are bumps in the road.....what defines us is how we deal with those bumps in the road.  Good luck to everyone and I will see you at the end.  This board is very motivational.....